The QBB02 Shipment from Quarterly

The QBB02 Shipment from Quarterly

It seems it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about Quarterly, or blogged for that matter. It has been a very busy start to 2016, but I definitely want to make a solid effort to get this blog going again. I really do enjoy blogging and it is a good way to relax and write about something other than tech.

With that said the last time I talked about Quarterly was when I received the TIM09 shipment. I guess since the Tim Ferriss shipments were taking a while to send out they put me on the “Biohack Box”, which is also $100. The first Biohack shipment was pretty awesome and I’ve used almost everything that came in the box, so I decided to stay on for the second shipment. It arrived not that long ago and I have to say once again it is a pretty solid box. Let’s go over what all is inside.

Dr. J’s Sleep Solution Pillow: $49
Sleep Master Sleep Mask + Ear Plugs: $25.90
Laird Superfood Creamer: $21.95
Laird Superfood Organic Cocoa: $14.95
Pure Pharma D3 Vitamin D: $19.22

So the total cost of everything is $130.02, it is good to see I am still getting a value with this box. If I would buy these items separate they would cost more. This Biohack box was put together by Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD. The whole idea behind this box is to improve sleep quality and to start your morning out strong.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been using the Dr. J’s Sleep Solution Pillow and the Sleep Master Sleep mask and I have to say I am very impressed. I have had trouble sleeping lately, so this box came at the perfect time! The pillow is great and super comfortable, it also gives me the proper neck support if I’m laying on my side. I have never worn a sleep mask before so trying out the Sleep Master Sleep Mask was a bit weird at first, but I do like it. It blocks out all light and with the included ear plugs you really block out sound as well. It is like you are in your own little world. It will definitely continue to use both products.

The Laird Superfood products seem cool, I used the creamer once with my morning protein shake and enjoyed it. I just ran out of protein so I have to order some to keep on trying it out. The creamer can also be added to coffee in the morning as well. The Cocoa seems cool and can be taken at night or during the day. I will definitely make use of it.

Sadly I have been spending a lot of time inside since work has been so crazy lately. With that I am not getting enough sunlight (Vitamin D). So having the Pure Pharma D3 Vitamin D capsules is never a bad thing. I will be adding them to my daily pill regimen which is currently only a multivitamin.

All in all I really like the QBB02 shipment and I will continue to stay subscribed to this box, great job Quarterly and Kelly Starett!

Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist is Awesome!

Spotify Discover Weekly

Over the past few years the way we listen to music has changed dramatically. For the most part I really do not have much music on my iPhone or computer. This music has been replaced by streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. They are really what I use exclusively.

Over the past few weeks I have found out about Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. This playlist is made up of songs that match what you’ve been listening to lately. Spotify calls the playlist, “Your weekly mixtape of fresh music. Enjoy new discoveries and deep cuts chosen just for you”. You can usually find it by clicking on the browse tab, then the Discover sub-tab.

The playlist is made up of 30 songs usually and so far has been pretty spot on! I’ve enjoyed almost every song that’s been on the playlist over the past few weeks! Here is an example of my current playlist.

Spotify Discover Weekly

What is great about this is that while it is based on the artists and types of music I’ve been listening to on Spotify, it allows me to discover new songs and artists I’ve never heard of before. What’s even better is that the playlist gets updated or changed every Monday so you have an entire new playlist to jam out to each week!

This is definitely an awesome feature of Spotify and while I continue to use the service. Check out your Discover Weekly playlist and see if it’s spot-on like mine!

I Actually Took A Real Vacation…

Photo Feb 05, 6 14 38 PM

This past weekend I took a trip down to Naples, Florida to hang out with some friends. While I’ve been on many trips over the past few years they were never really vacations because I always ended up working. It is not that often I take a day off, I guess its the entrepreneur lifestyle. There is always something you can be doing, there are always e-mails to check up on, etc.

I have been working like crazy the past few months, even over-working myself by most people standards. I really have been trying to take ThinkComputers to the next level and also build up Look Social at the same time. This does not leave a whole lot of time for myself. When my friend asked me to come down to Florida I decided that this would be a vacation, not a trip where I was working every morning.

One of the best things about doing what I do is that I have the freedom to do what I want. So when I got the call about coming down I didn’t have to check with my boss to see if I could get off work, I could just book the trip. Freedom of time is something that all of the money in the world couldn’t buy.

Photo Feb 05, 8 29 55 AM

So from Thursday till Monday I did not work. It was a weird feeling at first, but after the first day I really embraced it. It was great waking up each morning not having a massive to-do list or stressing over the things that I needed to get done. I could hang out in the pool / hut tub and not think “Ok after this I need to do…”. I think I was at the point of burning out before I went on the trip so taking the time to just relax and de-stress was much needed. And I could actually enjoy the company of other people and really get to know them.

Photo Feb 07, 2 41 43 PM

Talking about the trip it was definitely nice to get out of the cold of Pittsburgh and hang out on the beach! The group that was on the trip was really great too, good people and now new friends. Hopefully we all can plan more trips together in the future.

Photo Feb 07, 12 31 20 PM

Now that I am home I feel much less stressed and more excited about continuing to grow both of my companies. I think that taking time off to de-stress and traveling definitely has that effect and you should take advantage of it when you can. Even if its a weekend trip, driving an hour outside of the city etc. I think I’ll be planning more trips or even just getting out of the city for a day or two if it has the kind of effect on me!

The Three Bedroom Suite At Elara


Our Las Vegas Suite tradition continues! Each year at the end of a crazy and busy week covering CES the ThinkComputers crew stays in a pretty cool suite. This gives the crew a real chance to relax and just kick back. If you can remember we started with the 2 Bedroom Hospitality Suite at Vdara and then tried the The Palms Signature 2 Bedroom Suite, now we are checking out the Three Bedroom Suite at Elara.

Elara is part of Hilton’s Grand Vacations Club and is solely a hotel. So you will not find a Casino anywhere or have to walk through one to get to your room, which I actually prefer. We booked the three bedroom suite, which is actually a 2-bedroom suite with adjoining 1-bedroom suite. Check out the video I made below of an overview of the suite, MTV Cribs style!

Some of the best features of the suite are that it has a projector! This way you can have that home theater experience in your room! It great for sports games and movies. The blinds come down perfectly to make your projection screen. The couch in the suite is massive and easily fit 6-8 people! The master bathroom is pretty awesome too! It has a massive jetted tub with a great view as well. It was the perfect way to relax after a long and stressful week!

IMG_7750 IMG_7777

All three of the bedrooms are pretty spread out so you if you wanted privacy you could have it. The suite has a full kitchen and it is stocked with light cookware and utensils so if you wanted to cook you could. There is a large dining room table to eat as a group or you could set it up as an office table. The views from the suite were pretty amazing. We were on the 51st floor so from the bathroom we could see the MGM and rest of the strip. From the main living room we could see Hard Rock and out to the mountains.

IMG_7758 IMG_7761 IMG_7765 IMG_7766 IMG_7795 IMG_7817

The internet in the suite is pretty good, around 20 down and 5 up on WiFi. There is no resort fee at the Elara so things like WiFi are extra if you are not a Hilton Rewards member. The room on average goes for $699 a night.

The CES 2016 Swag Haul


Each year when I head to Las Vegas for CES I come back with much more than I came with. This is because companies love to give away swag! You know those little goodies comopanies have at their booth or suite and give to you as a thank you for coming to see them. This year I had quite the haul!

Typically I always would talk about the free press bag that us journalist get, but it was a total joke this year! It was a drawstring bag that was probably the cheapest drawstring bag I’ve ever seen! I think the drawstring bag I have from when I bought a pair of shoes is better quality than this thing is!

Anyways I did get some pretty cool things this year though. The best thing would have to be a new graphics card! A new Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro is not a bad thing to come home with! Even though the official CES press bag was garbage Zotac gave me a really awesome backpack that can hold a laptop and much more! SilverStone gave me a pretty heavy duty lightning cable, which is awesome because you know how often those break! I typically always get t-shirts but CyberPower hooked me up with a really awesome sweatshirt. It is like one you would see an eSports player wearing. TP-LINK gave me a water bottle that has an infuser in it, which was pretty cool too. As always I came home with a bunch of new flash drives and bags I can use for shopping at the grocery store.

All in all I came home this year with a lot of goodies and many of them I am actually going to make use of!