100 RSS Subscribers!

Finally I have reached the 100 RSS subscriber mark! I was close a few times getting up to 99, but never have a reach 100 until today. It is quite an accomplishment for me because this is my personal blog. It shows that people are actually interested in my posts and what I have to say.

If you are close to 100 RSS subscribers and you haven’t done the Facebook note trick you might want to try that to reach the 100 subscriber mark.

I want to thank everyone who subscribes to the blog via RSS. Knowing my luck tomorrow it will go back down to under 80 tomorrow!

  • Leo

    The RSS number is deceiving. I get in between 1000-2000 visitors to my site daily, but my RSS number sticks around the 30 mark. It just shows that most of my readers are not “cyber savvy” and, like myself, prefer to visit the site itself than use readers.

  • jessica

    very very cool!

  • yeah I’m not an rss guy I prefer to goto sites

  • Congrats on the subscribers! I hope I get to that level some day. For now I’m going to hide my reader count from my site 😉