Back on the Smartphone

A few years ago I purchased an Audiovox SMT5600 smartphone. At the time it was the world’s smallest smartphone and I loved it. This was before AT&T went over to Cingular. Once the switch happened I had to get a new phone. I ended up getting a Razr. I have been happy with it, but it’s just getting boring. So the other day I found my smartphone in a drawer and wondered if I would be able to use my Cingular sim card in it. I put it in and like I expected I got a no service message. So looking online I found a very easy way to unlock the phone.

Windows mobile is a great platform. One of the best things that I like about it is that I can easily sync via USB. I can sync e-mail, contacts, and appointments. I really liked the appointments feature because I would put in my classes in and I would never be late! Another great thing is that you are able to customize the look of the screen with different homescreens. Here are a few examples…

  • Nice gir…. errm phone I mean 🙂

  • Yeah Windows Mobile is pretty good. I’m currently using the HTC S710 phone which has WM6.

    Nice background of Elisha Cuthbert by the way 😛

  • Leo

    I’m using the Blackberry Pearl, aside from it working on the EDGE system and the atrocious data usage charges, it’s been working well. I hope Blackberry gets on the whole wi-fi thing soon.

  • I wish I could find a decently-priced phone that works on Verizon that has all the capabilities that the Nokia E70 has. When it comes time for me to break off from my parents’ plan (read: when finished with grad school), I intend to get the E70 or its successor. When first searching for service in 2004, I wanted to get the Nokia 670 (I think that’s what it was)–it’s the predecessor of the E70.

  • Wheres the iPhone man? heh

  • Wow with all the advancements I am not surprised you are now using an Iphone. I can see why you switched back when you did.