Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow Video

If you are from Pittsburgh then there is probably a chance you have heard of Wiz Khalifa. He is a local rapper from the area and one of the only one’s that has received national airplay and in my opinion is one of most talented artist from this area. You may have heard his single “Say Yeah”, which was popular a year or so ago. It is not often you hear of a rapper from Pittsburgh, especially one that is good. Earlier this year Wiz released the mixtape Kush and Orange Juice, which was available for free download. Because of the popularity of the mixtape it was the #1 trending topic on twitter and ranked #1 on Google’s hot search trends.

Gearing up for his new album to be released in 2011 Wiz has released the single “Black and Yellow”, which is by far one of his best songs and the video is in my opinion the best music video that I know of that showcases Pittsburgh. The entire video was shot in Pittsburgh at various locations. If you are from the Pittsburgh area you can point out many of the locations. There are Terrible Towel’s all over the place in the video and even Steelers linebacker Lamaar Woodley is in the video! Also shoutout to my friend Shawna who is in the video (the dark-haired girl with the glasses). Check out the video below…

The video is currently #1 on MTV2! Let me know what you think of the song and the video in the comments!

My iPhone 4 Buying Experience

Well I finally went out and got a new iPhone 4. My iPhone 3G has been getting slower and slower since I put the new iOS4 on it and it was just getting annoying so I went to my local Apple store to get the new phone.

I went to the Apple Store at South Hills Village Mall and walked right in. When I entered I was greeted and I asked if they had iPhone 4’s and sure enough they did. The Apple store employee then took me over to one of the iMac’s and asked if I wanted the 16GB or 32GB. After I told him he put the order in and said the phone will be out in about 3 minutes.

Then he took out an iPhone with a scanner on it and he started asking for my information and phone number etc. He put it all into the iPhone and while we were doing that someone brought the iPhone out from the back. He then went ahead and scanned the 3 barcodes on the back of the phone. Once that was done he asked how I wanted to pay and I said with my credit card. He scanned it right on the iPhone and asked for my e-mail to send the receipt to.

He asked if I wanted to set the phone up there, but I told him I was going to set it up at home. After that he put my new phone in a bag and I was all set and ready to go.

I thought that it was pretty cool that he did my entire sale and everything all on an iPhone. No waiting in line at the “check out” or dealing with 2-3 different people in the store. Just 1 person that could do everything simply because he has an iPhone that can do the entire process.

So now I have an iPhone 4 and I’m really enjoying it! If you are thinking about selling your iPhone 3G or 3GS to get an iPhone 4 I was able to sell my 8GB iPhone 3G on Craigslist for $175, so my new phone only cost $25!

My First Consol Energy Center Experience!

If you do not follow hockey or are not from Pittsburgh you might not even know what the Consol Energy Center is. It is a brand new arena that was built in downtown Pittsburgh and is the new home of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Pens old building the Igloo has been there forever and was just not with the times. So many of the seats were bad, the scoreboard was not even digital and the place was falling apart. A couple of years ago Pittsburgh decided to build a new arena and last night I caught my first Pens game there!

I wasn’t even sure when I was going to see my first game at Consol Energy Center, but luckily my friend Nick had tickets to a pre-season game and didn’t want them. He offered them to me last minute and I gladly accepted. By the time I got down there and picked my girlfriend up it was towards the end of the second period. When we got in there the first thing I noticed was how nice it was. We walked in and someone with a barcode scanner scanned our tickets and we were in. None of those old turnstiles, which just got in the way.

We made our way up to our seats, which were in section 214. Which is basically the top of the building. One thing I really liked were all the escalators, no more walking up the long ramps. When we got to the top of the building the first thing I noticed was how open it really was. Before in the old building everything was closed off, all of the concessions were in a hallway behind the stands and you were really separated from everything. Now everything is open, there is per-say a hallway but it is all open now, which one makes you feel less cramped and two allows you to still catch the game if you are getting food.

Our seats were only 2 rows back from the last seats and to my surprise they were REALLY good seats. A few of my friends have season tickets say there is not a bad seat in the arena at all. From my experience last night I would have to agree with that statement! The arena is separated in to 2 main sections. The lower bowl and upper bowl, with 66 suites in between the 2 bowls. Also there is a good amount of “lodge seats” which I think replace the old “Gold Circle” seats. The Igloo club has been replaced with the First Niagara club if I’m not mistaken. As far as food and drinks go there is a lot! I first noticed a full bar up on our level, which was only available at the Igloo Club before. When it comes to food you have your typical concessions along with some local favorites like Nakama (sushi), and Primanti Bros. I didn’t get a chance to eat anything while I was there, but next time I’ll be sure to check one of the places out.

It was a pre-season game and the Pens played the Blackhawks. The Pens ended up winning 4-1. It was nice to see a digital scoreboard and a huge screen to watch replays on. As I said we were at the top of the building 2 rows back from the “worst” seats and I was impressed. There was no overhang or things blocking our view. We could see everything perfectly. The Pens ended up winning 4-1. Here is a video of some of the action from last night. I took it with my iPhone 4 and did the editing with iMovie, check back soon for an article on all that.

If you can manage to get tickets even the cheap seats are good seats at Consol. I will definitely be back for another Pens game soon!

Back Home and All Moved In!

Well I’m back from my vacation in Myrtle Beach and I’m all moved in to my new place! That’s right I’ve moved once again! Back in June I moved into my friends apartment, but that was only a temporary situation until the new place was ready. 2 days after I got back from vacation I was moving into the new place, so the past week has been quite hectic!

The new place is only 5 minutes from my old place so I’m back in the city! The big difference between this place and my old place is that this place is an actual apartment building, not an old house that has been converted into apartments. This is not only an apartment building, but a high-rise! I moved in with my friend Jeremy who I was already living with and our friend PJ. Both guys are pretty down to earth and most importantly CLEAN!

So about the new place, let’s just say it’s awesome! Its a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1900 Sq. Ft. penthouse! We are on the top floor which is the 23rd floor. The building is up on top of a hill so it seems like you are even up higher than what you really are! The best thing about the new place is the view. We have a patio that is on the roof of the building! The view is just amazing!

The main living room is HUGE! It is 40 feet long so we actually have 2 living rooms setup. We also have a fireplace, which is nice.

My room is the largest because I needed room for my “office”. I really like how I have things setup, but I still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do.

It feels so good to have my office back and it is really going to help me get more work done! Also the large living room and outdoor patio are great for relaxing and getting my mind off things. Once we get everything setup I will make another post with updated photos.

The Clique Vodka Launch Party

Clique Vodka was recently released and it was actually started by a group of people here in Pittsburgh! A few of these guys actually happen to be friends of mine so they invited me to the launch party for the Vodka. The party was hosted at the PPG Aquarium, which was actually a very cool setting for a party.

Guests were able to check out all of the fish and other wildlife while enjoying Clique vodka cocktails. There was a great mix of people at the event. There was press, nightlife people, even the mayor showed up! Here is a video I made of some of the sights and sounds of the event.

This event was one of my favorite events that I’ve been to in the Pittsburgh area. The mix of people, networking, atmosphere and great drinks made for a really good time. Clique did a great job showing everyone they are not only a vodka company but a complete brand. I really like where they are headed and I wish them all the best luck!