Work and Getting Things Done…

Hey blog! It’s been a while! It really has and I really need to get back into blogging. At the end of the day it is good to sit down and let the words flow out. Also I always look back at old blog posts to see what I was up to. I have been blogging since 2005 so it is great to look back.

Pittsburgh, PA (Greenfield Area) – May 8th 2013

Anyways back to what this post is about…getting things done. Do you ever feel like there is just not enough time in the day? That you are always behind on your work? This happens to me constantly and you would think by now I would have a handle on it, but I never do. There are many reasons for it, but let’s not get into that right now. Let’s talk about how to fix it.

So many times I wake up in the morning and I go “Damn I have so much work to do!”, but do I really? I am a master of procrastination so that never helps. You know if someone told me “hey let’s go to a Penguins game I have free tickets” and the game was in an hour you bet your ass I would get my work done before that. Think about that, when there is something important we will get all of our work done. But the thing is important things do not happen that often so what do we do? I have a couple of tips to help you get things done.

Set a Prize
Do you remember how awesome it was to get a prize for doing something good in school? This is the same thing. Set a goal and a prize associated with that goal. Say for me it would be to have 5 reviews written in three days. If I do that maybe I’ll treat myself to a nice dinner. This may sound stupid, but when you reinforce goals with prizes it does tend to help.

The 1 Hour Rule
I put things off, like I said I am a procrastinator. Work can suck sometimes and it can be a pain to complete the most important tasks of the day. I tell myself let me work on this one important task for an hour. I usually knock out this important task and now I have the rest of the day to complete the easier and less stressful tasks.

Another way to really get things done is to just stop what you are doing and ask yourself “how can I get this done in 15 minutes”, believe me it works. Doing this really helps you be effective rather than just slowly doing work tasks.

This is a productivity technique of breaking time down into 25-minute intervals with 5 minute breaks in between. So you work for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break then back to work for 25 minutes and so on. This again helps you be effective and really limits distractions.

Hopefully these tips help you get work done! I know I need to use them more, if I did you would see more blog posts!

A Busy Start to 2013

I never really expeted 2013 to be as busy as it has been, but overall it is not a bad thing. As you may have noticed I have not updated this blog in over a month! I haven’t been lazy, it just has not been a priority to me. So what have I been up to? Lets see…

ThinkComputers remains to be my #1 priority. As busy as I am with it I have put even more work on myself as we have started a whole new news section (which I write 90% of the content), but it has been a success so far. People come back to the site each day to see what the daily tech news is etc.

While I am also still writing most of the reviews on the site I have been actively looking for more staff. I have found someone to cover CPU coolers and cooling, which does help out a lot. I’ve also been using MyBlogGuest to find relevant articles to help fill the void when I have too much going on. The goal is to keep on looking for staff to help with reviews and news. That way I can concentrate on really managing the site.

CES was very motivational for me. I could see what other sites were doing and I really took in everything and I want to make ThinkComputers better. On both a content standpoint and for the users that come to the site. I have removed the annoying video ad and changed some other things around. While this move will cut into overall income it should keep people coming back.

A Few Other Projects
I have been doing a little web design / consulting on the site for a few friends. It has actually worked out pretty well and they love the websites that I have built for them. I eventually want to turn that into a real business. I have a name for the company and domain already. I should have everything in place by the summer to take on more clients.

Another project in the works in a how-to site. I really can’t go into specifics right now, but I have been creating content for it since I’ve been back from CES. I hope to launch the site by the end of summer.

The biggest thing I have been trying to keep up with is a “high level of work”, basically working hard each day and really accomplishing things. It sort of took a while to get caught back up at the beginning of the year, but they past few weeks have been really great. Hopefully I can keep it up and keep you updated on the progress of things on this blog!

I think this picture below explains it best…

Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is slowly becoming one of my favorite hotels in Las Vegas. When you walk in it has that cool feel, some of my best nights in Vegas have started at The Chandelier and Marquee is one of the best clubs in Vegas. This year I had the chance to eat at Wicked Spoon, which is the Cosmopolitan’s buffet.

The event was actually held by Thermaltake as a gathering of media and friends. Walking in it really has a different feel than many of the other buffets in Vegas, although you should expect that as the Hotel is only 2 years old. I was surprised at how much food there actually was, quite a lot to choose from. The photo below shows some of my plates, although I had about twice as many! I really did pig out!

One thing I really liked about Wicked Spoon was that many of the selections were served in cool little dishes or serving plates. This not only made each thing seem special but it allowed you to really try a lot of different things. Most buffets you just choose something and end up taking a lot of it and get full.

One thing that I really enjoyed were the mini salads. As many of you know I am a huge salad fan and they had a few different mini salads to choose from. My favorite was a sort of mixed green and herb salad that had little pieces of fish in it.

All of the meats were excellent. They had many different selections from ribs to chicken wings, but the two that I really enjoyed were the Prime Rib and bone marrow. Although I had to point to which bone marrow I wanted as many of them were overcooked.

There was an entire section of deserts. They had pretty much anything you could imagine, even a full selection of different ice creams. You just walk up and tell them which one you want and they put it in a nice little cup for you. Again so you can try more than one thing.

I ate so much that I did not even notice the crab legs. Apparently there were king crab legs at the buffet, but even though I missed them I was more than satisfied with everything. Each of the little dishes I selected had a very rich taste and were unique. The only thing I would say was weak was the sushi selection and soup, but again all of the other great food really made up for it.

If you are in Vegas and are looking to eat a lot and have an extremely large selection make sure you check out Wicked Spoon.

Wicked Spoon on Urbanspoon

The CES 2013 Swag

Ah swag, you know the free stuff you get for attending conferences and events. I make this post every year after CES and I usually end up coming home with something cool. Out of all the events that I attend CES is where I know I will get the most swag. I actually plan for it by bringing an extra suitcase to take swag home!

Above you can see most of the swag I got this year, minus all of the t-shirts that went into the wash before I realized I needed them for this photo! With the shirts I normally wear them in my unboxing videos, so if you want your companies shirt in a video send me one!

The green and black bookbag was the press bag this year and it was not that bad. It sure beat the bag from last year! One thing I always look to get at CES are flash drives, I mean who can’t have enough flash drives right?! Some companies are very cheap and only give our their press released on 512MB drives, but this year I got a 32GB drive from Mushkin, a 16GB drive from Corsair and two 8GB drives from MSI.

The coolest thing I got this year was a Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablet. I won it at the Cooler Master party, so it isn’t technically swag. I actually don’t even know what I am going to do with it. I already have a tablet…which I rarely use. Did you attend CES? How much swag did you get?

Why I attend Trade Shows and Conferences

Well it is that time of year again!  Tomorrow morning I will be jumping on a plane to head to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  If you are going to CES make sure you check on my guide on how to survive the show.  Conferences and trade shows are great to go to, but many people do not attend them.  One of the main reasons is the cost.  Flying anywhere these days is not cheap and renting a condo for a week in Vegas isn’t either.  I used to try to justify the costs of the trip by telling myself the coverage would bring more people to ThinkComputers, but it is so much more than that.  So here is why I attend trade shows and conferences.

Facetime with Companies
If your business is online there is a pretty good chance most of your communication is done via e-mail.  While this is not a bad thing it is always good to meet people in person.  If someone actually knows you they will be more likely to help your business or want to do business with you.  This is one of the most crucial parts about attending these events and will really help you grow your business.

Say you are attending a conference about online marketing, there is probably a good chance there are people there who are in the same business as you.  Or maybe they do something completely different, but you meet and really hit it off.  This could be a future business partner.  Networking at conferences is just as important as attending the sessions.  Don’t be afraid to talk to people and ask them what they do.  It is always good to meet new people in your industry.

Learn Something
This is a given if you are going to a conference.  You are going to attend sessions and hopefully learn something new that will benefit your business.  Really pay attention during sessions because remember you (or your company) is paying for it.  Even if you are going to a conference you are going to get a hands on experience with products or something similar.  Make sure you take home some valuable information.  Most likely if you are attending a conference you traveling so this is another way to learn something.  How do you think I know so much about Vegas?

Seeing Friends & Getting out of Town
Working in the same office day in and day out can be very annoying.  Often you may feel stuck or that you need new surroundings.  A conference is the perfect cure, it gets you out of town!  Along with that if you are attending a conference there are probably people in your industry that you are friends with that are also attending.  For me CES is the time of year when I see all of my friends who work in the tech industry or that run a tech site.  I normally only see them once or twice a year so it is a great time to catch up.

As I said I used to justify my trips with the whole “coverage” thing, but as you can see it is much more than that.  But you should cover or blog about the conferences you attend.  I would assume many people would be interested and it can serve as an excuse to get your company to send you to trade shows or conferences.  Also if you cover conferences you can most likely get a press / media pass to the event for free!

So I’m off to Vegas tomorrow, make sure you follow me on twitter to see what I’m up to all this week during CES.