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Is CES Slowly Going Away?

I myself have been going to CES for 5 years now. For ThinkComputers it is really the highlight of the entire year, we really don’t attend any other trade shows. We get to see the latest technology, new products and catch up with old friends, not to mention getting to spend a week in Vegas. Something really stood out to me this year during CES…it was very small! Also this year CEA (the company that runs CES) tried to kick out many exhibitors who opted to use hotel rooms instead of paying for a booth.

My 2009 Year in Review

Wow it’s 2010! Not only a new year, but a new decade! This past year was a very good year for me, there were all kinds of ups, downs, and in between’s. If you have a blog you know how great it is that you are able to look back on things you have done and be able to see the good times, reflect on your mistakes, and just remember some things you may have forgot. So here is my 2009 year in review, hope you all enjoy it!

bit.ly and Why I Use It

If you have not heard of bit.ly I’m sure you have seen a bit.ly link around somewhere. Bit.ly is a URL shortening service that allows you to take large URL like this: http://www.thinkcomputers.org/kingston-mobilelite-g2-usb-card-reader-with-8gb-sdhc-card-review/ and turn it into something like this: http://bit.ly/6IBH75. So what is the reason to shorten a URL? URL shortening makes it easier…