The Importance of Having a Muse or Hobby


When you are running your own business work can sometimes be all-consuming. There have been many times were I felt like all I ever did was work, I was stressed out, I couldn’t concentrate, it just was not healthy. Over the past year I have introduced hobbies and muses into my life which have really helped me get out of my funk and allowed me to get more work done. A muse or hobby can for example be traveling, cooking, sports or even a beautiful girl. Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the past year on the subject of a muses and hobbies.

Make sure they are not directly related to your job – For the longest time I tried to keep busy or get into things that were directly related to my business. For example I used to do a lot of PC gaming, but I realized that I don’t want to be sitting in front of a computer after a long day of work where I’m in front of the computer most of the time as it is.

Needs to be something you look forward to – A muse or hobby should be something that you really enjoy or look forward to. In the case of a beautiful girl I would have so much motivation to get work done or even work harder because I knew at the end of the day or week that I would be able to see that girl and do something nice for her. With anything if its something you look forward to then getting your work done should be no issue at all.

Let them bring out your creative side – I have to be creative in my job, I think most people do in some respect. I’ve had writers block multiple time and it is not fun. When I get to travel it always brings out my creative side because I am out of my normal element. If a hobby or muse helps you be more creative that should definitely help you out in your business.

You can have more than one – Some people I know have a single hobby. Besides work and family that is all they do. That seem’s pretty boring right? That would be like going to a buffet and trying only one thing! While I’m not saying have a million different hobbies have a few things that you really enjoy.

So the question I’m asking you is what is your muse or hobby? Let me know in the comments!

The #TIM05 Shipment from Quarterly

Quarterly #TIM05 Box

I talked about getting my first Quarterly shipment a little while ago, and now I am actually on my 4th shipment from Tim Ferris, the 5th one he has sent out through Quarterly. The reason I like Quarterly over all of those other box-per-month companies is that you are able to follow actual people. If you are following someone you are into you are more than likely going to enjoy the items inside the box.

One thing I really like about Tim’s Quarterly’s boxes is that they are always worth more than what you pay for them. Each box is $100, TIM05 is worth $225 and if you remember TIM03 was worth $213.65. Anyway’s lets get into what all is inside of the TIM05 box.

Quarterly #TIM05 Box

Let’s start with my favorite thing in the box, the William Painter Titanium Sunglasses. Yes they are made of Titanium! They also have notches in the side that will open beer bottles! Looks like I have my new pair of sunglasses for summer.

Chineasy is a book to help you learn Chinese. The makers of the book say it is a groundbreaking approach that transforms key Chinese characters into pictograms for easy recall and comprehension. It will be interesting to see how well this will actually work.

Ear Peace are ear plugs to help protect your ears and essentially give you peace. They come in an easy to carry container. I will be adding these to my travel bag for sure, they will be perfect for the plane ride.

Slaine: The Horned God is a graphic novel by Pat Mills and Simon Bisley. From the artwork it looks really cool and Tim said that the version we received was specially made for Quarterly subscribers.

The last item in the box is the Captains of Crush Hand Gripper. This is used to improve your grip strength. I think it will be interesting to add this to my workout routine.

I am pretty happy with the #TIM05 box. It is always great to get things that I can not only use, but will teach me new things. Tim has made a video going over all of the products in the box, you can check it out here.

A Weekend Visiting Finger Lakes Wine Country


I have never been a huge fan of wine, it just really is not my thing. My girlfriend asked me if I wanted to go with her family to the Finger Lakes to visit wineries. While I’m not really a wine person I opted to go along as it is always good to get away.

The Finger Lakes are in Upstate New York and are a collection of Lakes that look like fingers. All around the lakes are wineries, breweries and distilleries. We stayed in a small town called Hammondsport, which is right on Keuka Lake. Apparently Hammondsport is “America’s Coolest Small Town”. We stayed at the Park Inn, which is a little place right in town. It only has 5 rooms, and each room is different.

Finger Lakes

Most of the wineries are open from 10-5 daily. You can go in and do a tasting, normally $5 (make sure you bring cash). Some wineries allowed you to pick the specific wines you wanted others opted for you to pick Dry or Sweet. I think this is the best way to actually know if you like wine or not. You get to taste all different types of wine and really find out what wine you like. I found out that I really enjoy sweeter wines. Most of the wineries have more than just wine there, but since it was off season most of the other things were closed. I did end up buying wine from Bully Hill and Glenora.

We went to 2 pretty nice restaurants while we were in Hammondsport. The first was Union Block Italian Bistro. It was very nice inside and there was a lot to choose from. I opted for the Lobster Mac & Cheese which was on special.

Lobster Mac & Cheese

It was great and had quite a lot of Lobster inside!

The second place was called Snug Harbor and was right on the lake. Here I had “The Stripper” which is a New York Strip steak with black pepper Gorgonzola crust, served with McGregor Vineyards demi-glaze and chef’s potatoes.

The Stripper at Snug Harbor

It was very good and cooked perfectly.

I really enjoyed the weekend trip to the Finger Lakes and I would love to go back in the spring or summer when there is more going on. If you want to learn about wine and see if you actually like it a trip to the Finger Lakes would definitely help out!

Dinner at Center Cut Steakhouse

Center Cut SteakHouse

It has been a bit since I updated my blog and I totally forgot to post about my dinner at Center Cut Steakhouse at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. I told my buddy Andy that I would take him out to dinner this year at CES. He wanted to go to a steakhouse and he decided on Center Cut Steakhouse in the Flamingo, probably because he didn’t want to leave his hotel.

Center Cut is actually very new as it took the place of the old Burger Joint that was in the Flamingo. You can tell it is very new as it really does not look like something that would normally find at the Flamingo. The restaurant only opened in 2012. Inside it is pretty modern and if you closed your eyes and opened them again you would totally forget you are inside the Flamingo.

Andy and I both went for the boneless ribeye ($48). It was a nice 18oz ribeye, but I do have to say the cut of meat was not the best. The meat had great flavor though and was seasoned perfectly.

Center Cut SteakHouse

We also ordered a side of the lobster mac and cheese. It was very good, but again not the best that I’ve had.

Center Cut SteakHouse

Overall I enjoyed my dining experience at Center Cut Steakhouse. While not the best steakhouse that I’ve been to in Vegas it was very good. It is a little less expensive than other steakhouses and it most likely is easier to get a reservation or just walk in.

Center Cut Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

The 2 Bedroom Hospitality Suite at Vdara


My recent trip to Las Vegas was mostly for business with ThinkComputers as the Consumer Electronics show was the week that I went. After booking flights I found that if I left Monday instead of Sunday I would save around $125 so staying another night in Vegas was a no-brainer. After talking to my buddy Jack about staying an extra day he said we should get an awesome suite for the last night. It sounded like a good idea and we decided on a 2 bedroom hospitality suite at Vdara.

Unlike most of the hotels in Las Vegas Vdara is strictly a hotel, no casino at all. This is sort of nice because after a week in Vegas listening to the slot machines just gets annoying. Besides not having a casino in it the entire hotel is smoke free and eco-friendly, it has received a “5 Green Keys” rating, the highest possible from the Green Key Eco-Rating, and has been awarded awarded Platinum by TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders program. Vdara and ARIA are the only properties in Las Vegas to receive a Platinum rating.

Anyways back to the room, here is a short video we shot, MTV cribs style!

Some of the things I did miss in the video were a powder room or half bath and there is a closet that has a full size washer and dryer in it! Also on top of what you saw in the video the suite has some other cool features like you get complimentary roundtrip limousine transportation to and from the airport, access to a dedicated concierge line, and 4 one-time use spa facility passes.

vdara1 vdara2 vdara3 vdara4 vdara5 vdara6

Also for those who are concerned about getting work done the Internet is free. While the WiFi is alright if you plug into the hardline in the room the speeds are awesome! We were getting around 100 Mbps down and about 30 Mbps up!

So if you are looking for a great suite to relax in, get work done or party it up the 2 Bedroom Hospitality Suite at Vdara is a great place to do it! For those wondering this suite is normally $575 a night.