Just Shut up and Work!

One of the biggest reasons that I don’t get things done that I need to is that I procrastinate and put things off till they absolutely need to be done. This is something I’ve been trying to remedy to make things less stressful on myself. I was talking to John Chow the other day I was talking to him about this and he said, “Just shut up and work!”, good motivation right? But thinking about what he said it really dawned on me. Seriously just shut up and work!

My problem like I said was putting things off, but it also was distractions and just being plain lazy. If I was posting a review on ThinkComputers I would start it, take a break, work on it some more, and then take another break, then finally finish it. This is no way to do any type of work! I mean I am wasting A LOT of time taking breaks and not just getting the review done. If I just did the review all at once I would have it done and not have to worry about it later in the day and I could concentrate on other projects. So I will be adding this mentality to my daily work routine.

Believe me it’s nice being lazy and only doing what you have to, but that’s not how you make money. If someone tells you different they don’t know what they are talking about. Almost everyone who is successful on the internet puts in long hours, just look at Nate with his 16 hour days! Wish me luck in getting more done and working more efficiently!