ThinkGaming gets a Digg!

Well as a lot of you may have noticed all of my sites including this one were basically down last night. The reason for this is because my favorite video game easter eggs article made the front page of digg. Now ThinkComputers can take a digg without a problem, but TG is based off wordpress which uses a mysql database. ThinkComputers does not use a database at all. My setup is just one server for both http and sql so the box got overloaded. I will be purchasing a second server and have them load balanced.

The digg was a good test to see just how well the server could handle things. I was 90% sure the article would make it to that front page. Here were a few reasons.

Well it was Easter! Just look at the title, people are definitely gonna digg it just because of the title and its easter!

There was no other story like it. I checked digg before I submitted the story. It’s pointless to try to submit a story if there are duplicates. Luckily no one had thought of the idea. Not very often that happens on the internet!

The last thing that gave me an edge was that the story was not the best game easter eggs of all time (there are tons of articles like that), it was a list of my favorite that I actually experienced. This sort of personal feel to the story will bring back memories for other gamers of their favorite easter eggs and they will digg it just for that. You can see in the comments a lot of people were pointing out their favorites.

Hopefully this digg will get ThinkGaming some return visitors. Now I just have to think of more interesting articles to write!

Busy Weekend!

Well it’s been a busy weekend for me. Most of you probably have been relaxing since it is a holiday weekend. I have been working! First off I wrote a very cool article about my favorite video game easter eggs over at ThinkGaming. Make sure you check it out and digg it too! Of course I went to the parents for the family dinner. It was good to see my relatives and eat a nice home cooked meal. My mom always makes great food so you can’t pass it up! Finally most of my day today was taken up by testing video cards. I just posted the review of the ASUS EAX1950PRO video card on ThinkComputers so check that out as well. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend, its back to work for me!

Another Contest from John Chow

Well it looks like my buddy John, or as some of you may know him as the root of all evil is having another contest. This time he is giving away a Microsoft Zune media player. Not bad eh? This is not an old Zune that he has been using for a few months, it’s brand new! So how do you enter the contest? All you have to do is write a post in your blog about the contest linking back to it! Easy enough right?

While you are at John’s blog be sure to check out some of his posts. He has tons of information and advice on how to make money on the internet. And I’m sure all of you want to do that and quit your day job! Good Luck!

ThinkComputers is looking for new staff members!

Well ThinkComputers is looking for new staff members. Below is all the info, any links to this post or repostage is appreciated! is looking for more staff. We are looking for more writers and reviewers.

Who we are: is a comprehensive hardware review site. We have reviewed well over 550 computer related products, including cases, video cards, keyboards, etc. We have daily site updates including new reviews, articles, guides, and affiliate news. We have many great sponsors sending us their latest products. Some of these sponsors include; Logitech, Corsair, ASUS, ViewSonic, Antec, Saitek, and OCZ. We pride ourselves on publishing in-depth comprehensive reviews and articles.

What we are looking for: We are looking for someone who has a real interest in computers and technology. Who can provide us with a great writing ability and an understanding of technology. A person who can be very active with the site and give us good results with the tasks given to them. We want someone who can be truly dedicated to the site, and not slack off. Although we would like to offer this position to everyone we have some requirements.

– At least 18 years of age or older
– Valid photo ID or drivers license
– Must live within the United States
– High Speed internet Connection
– Have a digital camera, at least 2.0MP or higher
– Have the time to write reviews (our turn over time is 2 weeks from when we receive the product)
– Stay active
– Be part of our forums and stay active in them
– Have a ThinkComputers blog which is updated at least once a week

What you get: Being a part of there are some privileges that you receive. The biggest one being you get to keep the all the hardware that you review. This introductory position is not paid, so you get paid in free hardware. If you are a loyal staff member for 6 months there is the possibility of getting paid if you prove yourself to us. As a ThinkComputers staff member you will receive free press passes to the events that we are invited to (CES, E3, Cebit, etc). Also part of your expenses at these events will be paid for.

If you are interested in this position or want more information on it, please send an e-mail with your resume and sample writing to We are looking for serious people only so please don’t waste our time.

RSS or Bookmarks?

Each day I usually go through and check out around 10 different blogs. These are mostly my friend’s blogs or people I know. When I first started this blogging thing I used Google Reader to keep track of everyone else’s blog posts. While Google Reader does do a good job it was sort of boring to me. Every time I would see something I would want to read I would click on the link and go to that person’s page anyways.

So since I recently reformatted my computer I have been using bookmarks. They are easy to keep organized, but do not tell me if someone has updated their blog. That is not such a big deal to me since most of the blogs I visit are updated each day. Going to someone’s blog instead of reading the RSS sort of brings you into their world. Their blog design, layout, etc lets you know that you are at their page reading their blog, rather then reading some text from Google Reader. So everyone RSS or bookmarks?