Some People Just Don’t Get It

Man I always tell people doing internet work is not as simple as it seems. Yeah I make my own hours and yeah I work from home, but I DO have to put in a lot of hours of work to make the money that I do. I hate the people that think they can just put some ads on a site and make money. It’s a lot more than that!

A lot of people don’t understand all what goes into running ThinkComputers, ThinkGaming, and this blog. ThinkComputers takes up most of my time. In short I have to post news every day, write a review, edit that review, edit pictures for the review, format the review to TC’s template, post the review, and send out a news e-mail. ThinkComputers is a flat file system so I have to create every page and update every page myself. I used to have a guy that wrote for me saying that he basically ran ThinkComputers because he wrote a lot of the reviews. That just makes me laugh because he had no clue what I had to do after he gave me the review. He eventually quit because I wouldn’t give him 25% of my earnings even though I was paying him per review and he was getting to keep all the products he did review. Now it’s really funny to hear him talk on his blog about not being able to make any money off his site. This is because he just doesn’t get it! Just looking at his site you can easily tell why he isn’t making any money. He just thought he could put a few ads on his site and make a lot on money, WRONG! Here are a few money making tips for new webmasters.

Don’t Overdo Your Ads – Don’t plaster tons of ads all over your site. Do I really want to read a site where all I see is ads? If you are starting a new site just put a few ads on the site and see how they perform. They you can ad more ads in the future if needed.

Good ad Placement – Ad placement is very crucial. If you are running ads like Google Adsense or YPN the best ad placement is actually inside an article. You want you ads to be visible to the reader so they will click on them. There is no point to having ads on your site if no one is clicking them.

Have a good template / layout – Good layouts almost all the time make for better ad placement, which in turn means you will have better earnings. A lot of layouts have predetermined ad placements spots that are perfect for ads. When I redesigned ThinkComputers I made a strict ad placement for TTZ ads and I saw a 300% increase in my TTZ earnings. And it was well worth it, I was able to payoff the cost of the redesign the next month. The 2 biggest things you want when looking for a template or layout is that it is fixed width, and is wide enough where you can place an ad in the text and it won’t take up the whole page.

Always Be Tweaking – You should always be tweaking your ads. There are tons of simple little things you can do like changing ad colors or sizes to try to see what works better for you. You should never stick with one type of ad and leave it there, unless it’s making you a ton of money. Change things up and see what works best.

Good luck in making money online everyone! Don’t make the mistake this guy did, actually research, tweak, and see what works best for you!

Another Busy Weeked!!

Now usually the weekends are time for me to relax and catch up on work, well not the past 2 weekends. Last weekend I was fixing computers for some family friends, this weekend was mother’s day and I had a lot going on so I really did not get much done. As you can see I did not post anything over the weekend. I actually have a ton of things that I want to write about, but finding the time this week is going to be hard. I have a lot of products in for ThinkComputers and I am working really hard on ThinkGaming. I did hire a new reviewer for ThinkComputers, that will take some stress off me. You can see his first review of the Plustek OpticSlim M12 Portable Scanner here.

This weekend was a lot of fun though. Friday I spend all day cleaning the townhouse. We had a party on Saturday night so the place had to be cleaned. Saturday morning Ashley and I went to lunch with my family for mother’s day. It was a nice lunch, especially because its not often all of my family is together. Saturday night was our party. It was our first party at the townhouse so we were not sure how it was going to go. It ended up great! The larger townhouse was much better than having a party at an apartment. We had about 15 friends over. Sunday I spent most of the day recovering and finished my review of the Vizo Saturno hard drive enclosure. Hopefully I will get some time this week to write the blog posts I want to write. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Watch out Tribal Fusion Publishers

I have been using Tribal Fusion on ThinkComputers for a while now. I really like them and they offer great CPM’s for technology related sites. I really have never had a problem with them, I always get paid on time and there have not been any issues with customer support or anything like that.

Well the other day I sent my friend a link to a review I post posted on ThinkComputers. He usually reads over the review and fixes any mistakes that I might have made. After fixing the mistakes he said, “You making good money off those huge ads?”. I was like huge ads? He told me that full page ads or interstitial’s were coming up randomly when he clicked through my page. These are the huge ads that take up the whole screen and have the Skip Ad button on them.

At first I thought it might have been some code on my site that someone put there. I had that problem about a year ago. So my friend and I worked on finding what was pulling the ad. After about 30 minutes and taking down the ads on my site one by one we figured out that it was the Tribal Fusion ads were causing the full page ad. Now I never put a Tribal Fusion full page ad on my site. I have specific 160X600 and 728X90 ad placements for Tribal Fusion.

At the beginning of May I received the Tribal Fusion Impressions newsletter. Towards the bottom there was this…

Special note: In the past, we served Pop-unders with an accompanying 468×60 banner and only served them through 468×60, 728×90/468×60 and special 1×1 Pop-under tags. With the new tags, we will no longer use an accompanying banner, and Pop-unders will run through all ad tags. If you already block Pop-unders across your site, they will continue to be blocked. If you need control over which tags can launch Pop-unders, you can use tag-level ad blocking.

So basically what this means is that Tribal Fusion will run Pop-unders and full page ads if you don’t tell them not to, even if you ad placement is something like 468X60. Honestly I think Pop-unders and full page ads are very annoying and I really do see them as necessary on a site like mine, although they do have quite a high eCPM.

To block Pop-unders, full page ads, etc. login to your Tribal Fusion account and click on Manage Site. Then click on ROS under your sites name. Now click on the Tags tab, select you ad size and click on Enable Advanced Ad Blocking. That will bring up a bunch of different ad types that you can block from the Pop-unders and full page ads to adult and alcohol ads.

I hope this was helpful to people who may have had the problem that I was having and can easily fix it. Not waste almost an hour trying to like I did!


I am usually NEVER up really early in the morning. I usually get up around 9:30-10, but I’m on a horrible sleep schedule waking up at 2-3PM in the afternoon. This schedule really affects my work so I’m pulling an all nighter to get back on the good schedule. It’s not that hard to stay up a full 24 hours! Anyways the sun just came up and I went outside and took a few photos. Enjoy!

Ashley Shows you the Townhouse

A couple of weeks ago Ashley made this video for her myspace. Because I’m way to busy to make a video myself and I’m sure most of you would rather see her than me I posted her video to give you a tour of our new townhouse. Enjoy!