Top Commentators for April

Well we do have somewhat a community here at It is the start of a new month so I though I would give a shout out to my top commentators. They take the time out to post their thoughts on my post and this user interaction helps out the community.

Shawn Knight – Shawn is one of my friends who owns He has just recently started his blog and there is always something interesting on it.

Glenn Hawkins – Glenn always seems to comment on a lot of my posts. His blog is about making money online, investing, and working out. A lot of good stuff to read over there.

Moulinneuf – Well this guy must not have a site, but he always makes great comments that are lengthily and though out.

Jacob – Jacob runs, which is about his journey trying to pay for medical school using the internet. He updates often so check it out!

Dimitry – My good buddy Dimitry! We used to hang out all the time when I was in highschool. Had some good times! He also has a blog

Well that is the top 5 for April. Comment numbers reset on the first so if you want to be mentioned in the top commentators post for May start posting!

Digg Gets Owned by It’s Own Users

Last night the scene at was quite funny. It’s not often you head over to Digg and see every story on the front page be about the same thing. Not to mention all the stories were just links to various sites, but had the HD-DVD encryption key in them. Some of the stories were extremely funny titled “Key Fun lawlzwtfbbq” and “Today’s Lottery Numbers”.

The whole thing started when Digg removed a story that hit the front page that was a legit story about the HD-DVD encryption key. I guess Digg did not want to get into any legal trouble so they took the story down. Because Digg is user-based and users thought that the story was unrightfully taken down they starting submitting tons of stories with the HD-DVD encryption key in it. Every story on the font page as well as the first 5-6 pages were stories with the HD-DVD encryption key in them. This was really funny to see, there was even a Myspace Profile and a Facebook group with over 5,000 members!

Finally Digg was taken down and the front page is still down, but you can still easily submit stories or check out stories. I’m sure Digg has coded something that will auto-bury stories with the HD-DVD encryption key in them. Digg founded Kevin Rose has posted his thoughts on the whole thing. He obviously knows it was a mistake for them to remove the story. What do you think?

And the Winner Is?

So who won the 1GB Mushkin Flash Drive? The contest ran for around 2 weeks and I only had 9 entries. I wish I would have had more, but hey it’s only a 1GB flash drive not a Wii or PS3. Here are the nine entries that I received…

I’m A Lucky Girl (Cher Free)
Obsidian Profile (Sean)
Beyond the Rhetoric (Michael Kwan)
World of Joel (Joel)

Well you all got a linkback! So as you can see above I wrote everyone’s name down on a piece of paper. People who posted a picture got 2 entries. Then I folded each piece of paper up and put them all in an old hat. I shook it up and picked out 1 folded piece of paper. So the winner is…

Cher Free from I’m A Lucky Girl! Congrats!! I have already e-mailed you about the contest so if you are reading this and you have not received an e-mail from me let me know! Well that concludes the April’s contest. There will be a contest for May, I just need to find something else to give away. How many people out there are interested in an iPod car accessory? Let me know and stay tuned for the next contest!

Another Digg For ThinkComputers

Yesterday my review of the Icydock MB561 4-Bay External SATA Removable Hard Drive Enclosure made it to the front page off Digg. As I always say I rarely submit things to Digg. Just for the fact that most of the reviews are not super interesting and I don’t want to get the reputation of someone who submits everything to Digg. I think the thing that really made this one get front page was the title, Finally! Enough Room For All Your Porn! You know a title like that is going to catch someone’s attention! People might even Digg the story without even reading the review. I want to thank Mr. Make Money Online for coming up with the title. Now how did the Digg affect traffic?

As you can see there is a huge spike for yesterday’s traffic. We went from an average of 3000 uniques to almost 25,000! That’s a HUGE difference! Unlike ThinkGaming ThinkComputers is not based on a CMS so it is not dependent on a database. For that reason the server took the Digg without any problems. So how did the traffic increase affect earnings? Here is a list of the days earnings compared to what the average was.

Google Adsense: $153.89
Daily Average: $49.36

Vibrant Media: $56.28
Daily Average: $9.84

Tribal Fusion: $47.22
Daily Average: $8.16

TTZ Media: $202.50
Daily Average: $24.00

Looking at the results you can see there is a big increase in earnings. The biggest increase was in the TTZ Media earnings, making 8x what it normally made. The reason for this is the targeted ad placement. If you look at the Icydock MB561 4-Bay External SATA Removable Hard Drive Enclosure review you can see that you can actually see a listing of prices of the product from various retailers. So if people are reading the review and they are interested in buying the product they can see how much it will cost and with 1 click they are brought to the retailer’s website where they can buy it. This targeted ad placement is key, a lot of times though will not carry some of the products that ThinkComputers reviews, especially if we receive the product before it hits retail. Then we have to insert a similar product. This still works, but not effectively as the actual product.

Well it looks like ThinkComputers has survived another Digg. Now today and tomorrow I should see a huge decrease in traffic because the story is now off the front page, but I hope that some of the users thought the story was cool and might come back to check out other reviews. Hopefully they will!