Being Sick…

Well for the past few days I have been sick. I’m not sure what I really have, I think that it’s some type of throat cold. My throat hurts really bad and the past 2 days I woke up I have been spitting up blood. So right now I am taking throat and sinus medicine. Hopefully that will make whatever I have go away. I really do not want to have to go to the doctors.

With this cold I have been very tired and because of that I have been unmotivated to work. I am behind 2 reviews on ThinkComputers and I planned to write a big article for ThinkGaming this weekend. It does not look like that is happening either. I do not have anyone else to do the work so I guess I just have to be behind. That is one problem about running everything yourself if your sick, hurt, etc. you will fall behind. I have been looking for staff for both sites. I have a few people interested, but I am still looking for more. If you are interested in either site please e-mail me. Hopefully I will be 100% in the next few days.

A State of Trance

As some of you may know I enjoy listening to techno and trance. It is hard to find new music that you haven’t heard if you are working at your computer each day. I swear I listen to so many of the same songs it gets annoying. That is why I am happy when Thursday’s come around. Each Thursday I listen to Armin van Buuren’s live radio show A State of Trance. On this two hour radio show Armin plays some of the latest trance and progressive music. You can listen to it free on’s Trance channel. A State of Trance is on every Thursday from 2-4PM EST. If you are not by a computer you can still listen to the show. Here is a list of FM stations around the world that broadcast A State of Trance.

– America: Indie 103.1 FM Southern California (international)
– America: XM/Worldspace “The System” (satelite, Northern America)
– Canada: The 246 Element Show Canada Chin 100.7FM Toronto & 97.9FM Ottawa
– Cyprus: Energy 107.6 FM (south, greek)
– Jordan: Play 99.6 FM (nationwde)
– Netherlands: Fresh FM 95.6FM (nationwide)
– Russia: Radio Record – 106.3FM (nationwide)
– Luxembourg: WAKY 107FM (105.6 and 105.2 on Cable, nationwide)
– Australia: Kiss FM 87.6FM (Melbourne)
– Dubai: Dubai 92 92.0FM (nationwide)
– Lebanon: Mix FM 104.4FM (Beiroet, Mount Lebanon, the north, Saida)
– Ukraine: Kiss FM, check the website for your frequency (nationwide)
– Switzerland: Rouge FM 106.5FM (French side of Switzerland)
– Romania: Deea FM 92.1FM (nationwide)
– UK: Kiss 100 –

If you have never listened to trance you should give it a shot, you might just like it. I know that it always puts me in a good mood to get a lot of work done.

Smart PageRank

Because of comments on my dnScoop post and some e-mails about it I also want to tell you about Smart PageRank. Apparently according to Smart PageRank dnScoop was using under-handed tactics to steal website traffic. Smart PageRank was so upset they created Now it seems everything between them is ok. There is only one small change I see on dnScoop. The page rank currently is not working. So now onto SmartPageRank.

Smart PageRank’s main page has an input where you will put in your domain. From there it will process your domain and give you the following information, pagerank, age of domain, alexa traffic, directories, backlinks (Google, Yahoo, Altavista, AllTheWeb), indexed pages (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, AllTheWeb), and website value. There is also a screenshot of your website displayed for you. And you can add the pagerank button to your page. If you want to be updated of your pagerank you can enter you e-mail address and when your pagerank changes you will be notified via e-mail. On the left side of the page you can see your pagerank results from various data centers.

Comparing the 2 sites I still like dnScoop better. I really like the web 2.0 feel of dnScoop. According to dnScoop ThinkComputers is worth $112,488 compared to Smart PageRank’s appraisal of $74,619.

Make Your Blog Your Own

As I said before I prefer going to everyone’s blogs instead of reading the RSS, therefore I use bookmarks. I like going to the blogs themselves because it brings me into the bloggers “world”. This personal feel is something I try to give to my readers too. That is why I have changed elements of my blog to give it my own personal style.

If you are using the default wordpress layout then your blog does not have any style at all and users might find it boring. One of the easiest things you can do is change the CSS. You can change the font and colors of the page. Something simple that gives the blog some uniqueness compared to all the other blogs using the default wordpress layout.

If you want to get another layout has a huge list of free layouts. A lot of these layouts have a picture at the top of them. To give your site some style you can edit that picture or use a completely different one. On my previous theme I used a different picture and added some text to the picture. These things can be easily done.

If you look at my layout you may know what it is. I am using the MistyLook 3.2 wordpress layout. If you look at it compared to my site you can see that it is much different. I first expanded the page to make it wider, then added a second column on the right to make it a 3 column layout. I also changed the text colors and font via the CSS to give my page a really unique look. Finally I changed the top picture to a picture of 2 of my favorite cars. All of this gives my blog a look all its own.

I know when I’m looking around at blogs I usually return to the ones that are unique. Making your blog unique is really not a hard thing to do and in my opinion is something you should do to make your blog stand out amongst the rest.

Penguins Tie the Series 1-1

Well it looks like the Penguins have tied the series 1-1. It would have been really hard to fight back going down 2 games to 0. Now we are heading back home for the next 2 games. The win will give us momentum going into game 3 and the game is at home so that is an advantage for us. The game starts in about an hour and I am very excited! It’s been the first time in a while pens fans will see the penguins playing a playoff game in Mellon Area. The place should be very, very loud!

Game 2 we saw a different Pittsburgh penguins team. A lot of the players were finishing checks and skating much faster. We also shut down a lot Ottawa’s offense. Compared to the first game they were not in our zone as much. Crosby came out very big in this game. Besides his 1 goal and 1 assist he was stepping up to people and really skating. He even got slashed in the chin, yeah and nothing was called! Also Colby Armstrong really came out to play, you could see the intensity he was bringing to the game. Although getting an assist Evgeni Malkin still has not scored in the series. He needs to really step it up.

If you want to get a recap of the games you can check out The Pens Blog. They do really funny recaps and do a lot of photoshop work! Well I can’t wait for the game to start! Let’s go pens!