My Adventure Into the City

Well early this morning my friend Phil called me. He maintains my servers so when he called early I though it had to be a problem with the servers. He actually wanted to go to lunch. He has been telling me about this Chinese buffet that is downtown. He was working downtown today so he thought it would be a good day to go. Also our friend Rob works downtown so we all decided to go.

Ok first off I NEVER go into the city. There are a few reasons, one I really don’t have a need to, I work from home etc. Second there really is not much in the city of Pittsburgh to do. When I go out with friends we are either in the Southside or the Strip District. So anyways Ashley and I went down to meet Phil and Rob for lunch. Getting down there was no problem at all, but finding a place to park was another story. I had to park in a parking garage under ground. It was not that big of a deal, but I had to basically go in a circle because the first parking garage was full.

It was lunch time so a lot of people were out. It made it very hard to drive without hitting anyone. Anyways we made it to the Chinese buffet ok. The place was packed, of course its lunch time and $7 for an all you can eat buffet is a great deal. It was funny walking in there because most of the people were all dressed for work and Ashley and I came in normal clothes. The buffet was good and I enjoyed talking with Phil and Rob because I am usually very busy and they both work full time so it is hard to find time to hang out. While eating I noticed a lot of people rushing because they had to get back to work. I’m glad I’m my own boss because I can take a long of a lunch break as I want. I like to enjoy my food.

Last year my friend Alex was living in Manhattan. He would always show me pictures out of his window of the city. It was an amazing view and it made me wonder what it would be like to live in the city. After spending a few hours in the city I realized I prefer the suburbs much better.

Some Small Updates to ThinkGaming

ThinkGaming has been doing very well. With the exception of today I have been posting at least 2 posts a day. The only reason I didn’t today was because I was working most of the day cleaning out my old apartment. Anyways when I finally switched ThinkGaming over to WordPress I sort of left it how it was. Now since I’m actually putting some time into it I am trying to make it better for the users.

The first thing I did was changed the latest content to display all of the latest post not just the latest articles. I was just using a php file and doing a php include. So each time I would post an article I would have to manually update the php file. Now it is all automatic. It took a bit of css work to get it to look like it did before but now you can’t tell the difference.

ThinkGaming’s RSS feed is not that popular, it hovers around 10-12 users. So in hopes to get that number up I have removed the feedburner counter. I have heard this might make a difference and increase RSS subscriptions. We will see.

Finally to help with SEO I installed the optimal title plugin. This makes the title of the post come first instead of the title of the page. So for instance on the Stanglehold Massive Destruction Trailer! post the title would normally look like this ThinkGaming – Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and More! >> Stanglehold Massive Destruction Trailer! Now it with the optimal title plugin it looks like this Stanglehold Massive Destruction Trailer! >> ThinkGaming – Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and More!

Hopefully these little changes will help out ThinkGaming. Any suggestions on the site are welcomed.

Finally Some Exercise!

I barely work out, exercise or anything like that. Once of the main reason for that is that I’m just lazy and I really do not like going to work out. The only reason I stay slim is because I have a high metabolism. That basically allows me to eat whatever I want and not have to worry about getting fat!

Anyways it was nice out yesterday so Ashley and I decided to go look for some roller blades so we could go roller blading outside. Finding the skates was an adventure in itself. I wanted hockey style skates because I like the way they feel and I am used to playing on them because I used to play hockey. I was surprised that so many sporting goods stores did not sell hockey style skates. Like where are kids these days supposed to buy skates if they want to play roller hockey? I was also very surprised to see that the hockey section in these stores has extremely small. It was basically a handful of sticks, gloves, and some tape. I remember when I played hockey sporting goods stores would have well over 100 sticks to choose from, tons of different skates, basically anything you needed for hockey they would have. So eventually at the 3rd store I was able to find a pair of hockey skates. It was the only pair they had!

After Ashley and I got our skates we were able to skate the rest of the afternoon. It was nice to be able to do something together and get a workout at the same time. I was surprised at how well Ashley could skate too! Getting exercise is nice and makes you feel like you have more energy for the rest of the day. Ashley and I wanted to go skating today but looking out the window this morning it is raining, gotta love Pittsburgh weather!

Don’t Blog Just to do it…

I have come across so many blogs that when I go to them and read the posts they just seem boring or they seem like they are copied from other sites. Some people blog either to make money or to try to become popular so they do the exact same things as other popular blogs out there. Now doing similar things is ok, but mimicking everything another blog does is just stupid. I don’t want to read the same thing on your blog as I read on another one.

The biggest problem is that people are not blogging because they like to or want to. It’s because they think they need to. They write about things they are not even interested in just to post something. That is the biggest mistake right there. If you’re going to blog about anything you better be interested in it, because your posts are going to sound boring and people will most likely not come back. I blog about the internet, technology, personal life, and food because those are things I am interested in and passionate about. Also make sure you know what you’re talking about. Making money online is the new “cool” thing to blog about and if you don’t know that much about making money online don’t blog about it because people are going to know you are full of shit.

If you are trying to post at least one blog post a day and each day you are having troubles finding something to blog about maybe you should rethink the topic of your blog. I’m tired of seeing so many boring blogs just because blogging is the new cool thing to do. And I’m tired of seeing so many blogs about the same thing I know there are more interesting things to write about than making money online. Make your blog your own, that’s what will make it unique and people will come back.

Some of my Favorite Things

Well my buddy Shawn tagged me in one of his posts. Shawn has a list of his favorite Song, Color, Food, TV Show, Movie, and Animal. I will be giving you my favorites on all of these and adding a few more things to the list, enjoy!

Song: T.I. – What you know about that

Color: Metallic Blue

Food: Filet Mignon (Best type of steak I have had, damn someone go buy me some Kobe beef!)

TV Show: The Screen Savers (Before the G4TechTV days, so much interesting stuff on this show!)

Movie: The Boondock Saints (Very close with 300, but 300 is way to new)

Animal: Monkey (Who doesn’t want a crazy little monkey!)

Season: Summer (Gotta love the warm weather!)

Sport: Hockey (And anyone who says baseball is better than hockey should be shot!)

Car: Ferrari F430 Spider (It’s EPIC!!)

Well that is my list. Hrmmm Jon Waraas, John Chow, and Sal you have been tagged!