Don’t Do It for the Money

This weekend on my Personal Day I was watching a lot of TV, and actually there was something interesting on. The Science Channel has their Geek Weekend, which focused on the history of personal computers etc. On the one show they talked to a lot of the people who revolutionized personal computers. The interesting thing about all of these people is that they were doing what they were interested in, not what was going to make them rich. Most of the successful people in the technology industry did not go out looking for fame and fortune. Yes money is good motivation, but if you doing something you don’t enjoy is it really worth the money?

Now I don’t make a ton of money, but I do make enough to live in a nice place and have some nice things. When I was growing up everyday my Dad would come home pissed off at work. I always would notice that and told myself that I would not end up like that. I wanted a job that I enjoyed doing. Because of this I went full steam with ThinkComputers and my other sites instead of finishing school and getting a normal job.

I started ThinkComputers as a hobby, something I enjoyed doing and was interested in. I never thought I would be doing it as my job. I also never imagined it making any money. It was always a hobby to me, I did it in my free time. Finally after realizing I could make money off it I wanted to see where it could take me, and now here I am. As long as I’m doing something I enjoy and it’s paying the bills its well worth it for me. Don’t try to go out and make all the money because you can only be motivated so much and it’s not so easy to go out and make a ton of money. If you are doing something you enjoy you will be much happier and more motivated to make it big.

A Personal Day

It used to be a common thing for me to miss a day of blogging. But as most of you have noticed I have been updating this blog quite frequently. The main reason for this is because I consider blogging “work” now. This week has been hell for me, mainly because some how I got on a bad schedule again! And why is it when you sleep more you feel more tired? Anyways because I didn’t want to get completely depressed and unmotivated I took a “personal day”.

A personal day to me is a day where I don’t do any work and just relax. That’s what yesterday was. I spent most of the day watching TV and relaxing. I really tried to not think about work and it was very relieving. Everyday I have something to do with one of my sites. There is always something I can do whether its posting news, tweaking, etc . I was barely on my computer yesterday; I didn’t update any of my sites or even post news on them. Because of that I won’t make as much money today, but I would rather be happy and motivated than make a few extra dollars.

When you continually work things become repetitive and you get frustrated very easily. That’s why most people have weekends off. They take that time to just relax and not think about work. I rarely give myself days off, because missing news or not posting a review essentially costs me money and I loose traffic. But when I get frustrated with work I just need a day to relax and not think about work. Yesterday was a perfect day for that and now I’m motivated to get this weeks work done!

Halo 3!

For the past few days I have been playing the Halo 3 beta. I’m sure some of you have been too! In order to get into the beta you had to either signup and be selected or buy a copy of Crackdown. The beta is only a multiplayer beta so you just get to play matches against other people, but that’s still a lot of fun. In short the graphics are better, and they added new weapons, but it still plays like Halo 2. You can read my full Halo 3 beta impressions article over at ThinkGaming. Check out the above video of me playing!

Relying 100% On Online Income

All of my income comes from the internet. To some people this could be a good thing, or a bad thing. It all depends on how you look at it. Before we go into talking about the pros and cons of online income you need to decide when it is a good time to rely 100% on online income. This was an easy decision for me. I was working at the mall and when I started making more money off the internet I decided to quit my job and do the internet full time. Because if I was making more money than my day job only doing the internet thing part time I would make even more doing it full time. You have to decide when it is a good time for you to call it quits. It all depends on your expenses and if you are making that plus more each month from the internet.

The Cons

I would say the worst thing about relying 100% on online income is the pay times. Most 3rd party advertising companies have a 30 day net payment period, which means what you earn in May you won’t get until the end of June. But a lot of companies have 60 day net’s which really suck. You don’t get what you earn for 60 days! After you start earning it is not that bad, but if you had a normal job you get your paycheck once a month or every 2 weeks.

The next thing that sucks is if your traffic is low you make less money no matter how many hours you put in that month. So if I work my ass of this month and traffic on my sites are low I will make less than I did last month. At an ordinary job if I work more hours I get paid more…well usually unless you’re on salary.

Just like the net payouts advertising companies have a set amount of money you need to earn each month in order to receive a payment. It is usually $25-$50, but some are $100. I really do not have to deal with this problem, but if you are not making much you won’t get paid until the next month’s earnings have been calculated. Your earnings from the previous months are added on.

Finally the last downside to relying 100% on online income is that you are your own boss. Why is this is a bad thing? Well most of us are used to being told what to do. We go to work and there are things we are told to do. When working for yourself it is hard not to become lazy and it is even harder to keep on task. I have had this problem many times. Then when I get my Google money in and see how low it is I get motivated and get back on task!

The Pros

I would say one of the best things about working for yourself and getting all your income online is that you don’t have to put up with a shitty boss. I’ve have some very crappy boss’s over the years and I’m glad I don’t have to answer to anyone except for myself. But as I said above being your own boss can be a bad thing too.

What’s great about most of the online advertising companies is you can see how much you are making. Unless you are on salary you really don’t know how much you are getting paid at the end of each month at a regular job. You may have some idea, but you are never sure. Each month I know how much I’m getting in.

With making money online the limits are endless. Working at a normal job you are on salary or get paid per hour so there is a limit, I mean there are only so many hours in a day. Some people have made more than I make in a year in just 1 month! This does not mean if you work more you will get paid more though!

You can work from anywhere there is an internet connection. I love this! I don’t have to worry about missing work because I can logon to my sites as long as I have an internet connection. So going away on vacations is not a problem as long as where we are going has an internet connection.

You are always making money. If you are running websites they are always making money for you. You can be sleeping and your sites are making money, well as long as they have ads on them!

So those are some pointers about relying 100% on online income. Believe me I enjoy working for myself and not having to deal with a boss. Hope this article was helpful.

Jon Waraas Another Young Entrepreneur

Some of you might know Jon Waraas, others may not. He is not a high profile blogger like John Chow, but he is another young entrepreneur like me. Actually he is younger than me! He is 20 years old, but I met him when he was 19. I actually found his blog through John’s. It was not long after that we started talking. I always like meeting new people especially people that have the same interests as me.

When I first started talking to Jon it was if he already knew me. We talked about everything from online advertising to girls. What I found most astounding is the amount of money he was making off of his sites. I don’t know the figures, but you can take a look here and see that he is bringing in some serious cash! Most of his online income comes from LoserAlliance, which is a Myspace Layout / Resource site. The site was actually a photoshop / webmaster tutorial site then Jon added some Myspace stuff and the site took off. It gradually moved more towards a Myspace site.

LoserAlliance is actually not Jon’s first site. His first site was where he built skateboard rails and sold them online. He managed to sell some rails, but wasn’t making a lot of money. To avoid having to keep on working at his local Home Depot he started his other sites. John has an entire network of sites under the Developer Hut Network. Actually a lot of his sites have the word loser in them sort of a branding as he calls it. He has FunnyLoser, BlogLoser, MyspaceLoser, etc.

Just like me Jon does the internet thing full time, which is quite an accomplishment in itself. Another big accomplishment for him was his house, which we have seen from foundation all the way to finish. Not often a 20 year old has a brand new house! Jon is using his money wisely and buying up rental properties and other real estate, something I need to look into!

To be honest I have never met Jon, we have spoken on the phone and talked all the time on the internet, even when he is drunk and doesn’t remember it! He is a great guy and is enjoying life, but he does work very hard and deserves what he has. He knows just as well as I do that you need to put in the work to get the reward! He has helped me a lot with things like SEO and other tricks to make me more money. To see more on Jon check out his blog where he talks about everything from daily life to his real estate interests.