Some Advice for the Penguins

Well as a lot of you know I’m a big hockey fan and I can’t be more excited for the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs, not to mention that the Penguins are actually in them! It’s been a while since the Pens have been in the playoffs so of course I’m real excited. Watching the first game on Wednesday I was very disappointed in the penguins. They did not come out to play at all. They were completely outplayed by the Senator’s the entire game. The Senators are a great team, but we have beaten them before in the regular season so I expected the game to be close, not a 6-3 blowout.The penguins were just outplayed, and the Senators know what it’s like to play in the playoffs. Almost all of the penguin players except for a few have never played in a playoff game. Playoff’s are so different from the regular season because its do or die. The hitting picks up, the skating is faster, basically its way more intense. Most of the penguins came out like it was just another regular season game. Not until the middle of the second period did I really see the Penguins pick it up. By then it was already too late.

For Saturday’s game the pens have to come out hard, finish their checks, and take the extra effort. Playoff hockey is much more grittier and we cannot rely on just skills to get us through the playoffs. I really do not want to see us go out in the first round. Well good luck Pens!!!

Quit Looking for Instant Results!

I have seen so many people give up on making money off the internet. One of the main reasons for this is they want instant results. A lot of people just think they can throw some ads on a website and the next day they will be making good money. You may laugh at this, but you would be surprised at how many people think that way. This is because so many people do not understand a lot about computers and the internet. They do not understand how online advertising works and that if 10 people visit your site a day you’re not going to make any money.

Maybe it’s because a lot of people myself included make it sound so easy. It’s not easy, but in my opinion it’s much easier than working a 9-5 job and doing something that you do not enjoy doing. Plus I don’t really have a schedule and some days I don’t have to do anything. But hey that’s not what this post is about. This post is about instant results.

I think everyone including myself is looking for the get rich quick scheme and many people think that the internet is it. People start sites and expect to be quitting their jobs the next month. Really it’s not that simple and a lot of these people will give up on their idea because at first they are not making that much money if any at all. These people do not realize that on the internet your website is not going to become popular overnight and it can take months, even years for it to become profitable. I started ThinkComputers in 2001 and it did not turn a profit until 2005.

This is where these people need to do the internet as a hobby and see where it goes from there. Do not expect to make a ton of money real quick and don’t expect to quit your day job. If you work hard and are lucky enough you will eventually be able to quit your job. It’s just that you cannot give up and hell it’s not costing you that much to maintain your website I’m sure. So with everything said don’t expect instant results just stay focused, work hard, and one day you just might be able to quit that day job. Good Luck!

Text Link Ads

Well some of you may have noticed the Featured Sites section on the side of the site. That is because I signed up for Text Link Ads last night. To my surprise my site was instantly approved. I’ve heard of a lot of other blogs have had a hard time getting accepted. Maybe I’m just lucky?

Anyways after I was accepted I had to get the ad code to put on my site. Text Link Ads makes it really easy for anyone to get the ad code working on their site. Whether you are using WordPress or Blogger they make it extremely easy to do. Of course this site uses WordPress so I selected that. From there are you asked how many links you want, link color, background color, and border color. After you set these values you are given a WordPress plugin to download. Just go ahead and upload the plugin to your WordPress plugins directory. Then just go into your dashboard and enable the plugin. Finally add <?php tla_ads(); ?> into your side bar. It’s that easy!

One reason I really like Text Link Ads is that they are not obtrusive like banner ads or contextual ads. They are off to the side of the page and really do not get in the way of your reading. If you are interested in buying a featured link on my site you can do that for free! That’s right Text Link Ads is giving away $100 in free text links! You can click here to signup or click on the banner below.

Text Link Ads

Another good thing about Text Link Ads is that they go out and get advertisers. You just sit back and collect the money. This is great because I’m way to busy as it is! They just get a cut of what they sell the links on your site for. That’s fine with me because I did nothing!If you want to signup for Text Link Ads you can do that here. Everything from signing up to implementing the ad code has been very easy. Good Luck!

Text Link Ads

Vote for a new Star Wars Stamp

Last week when Ashley and I were down at the Waterfront I walked by a mailbox and I had to do a double take. When I looked for the second time I was like, “It’s R2D2!!”. Ashley was wondering why I was so excited. Of course she is not a Star Wars fan like I am. Luckily I had my camera with me so I got a shot of the mailbox, which you see above. The mailbox had a URL on it So when we got home I went to the site and saw what it was all about. So it looks like the US postal service is going to come out with a Star Wars stamp.

The cool thing about it is you get to pick out of 15 stamps for the one that will actually become the real stamp. This is the second time in history that the USPS has let people choose which stamp they will issue. Also USPS is offering Star Wars express mail pre-paid 3 packs. There is also a sweepstakes where you can win a grand prize VIP trip for four to Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles, May 24-28. The new Star Was stamp will be available at your local post office on May 25 and online at You can vote once daily for the stamp you like. My pick is the X-Wing Starfighter what is yours?

The Digg Effect

Well a lot of people have e-mailed me as well as left comments asking me how much of a traffic boost the digg gave ThinkGaming. Well first off ThinkGaming was barely doing any real traffic, maybe about 100 uniques a day. That is mainly because I haven’t had much time to work on it and it was mostly news posts no real articles or anything like that.

As you can see from the graph above the Digg caused a huge traffic spike. Over 16,000 uniques in one day. That is sure a big boost from 100 uniques a day! Getting digg’s is always a great way for traffic, but they do not happen that often. You really have to rely on good content and constant content. If you want to have good constant traffic you have to keep your site updated. This has been the hard part with ThinkGaming. Right now I am running ThinkComputers, ThinkGaming, and one other site along with this blog. I am the only one doing all of the work so I have to post all the news, do all the reviews, respond to e-mails etc. I have to do this and still make time for my girlfriend and some free time! Let’s just say this is a hard thing to do!

Since the digg I have been managing to keep ThinkGaming updated. I have been making around 2 posts a day, which is nothing compared to the larger gaming sites, but hey I’m one person! Hopefully these constant updates will keep people coming back. I also plan to write at least 3 – 4 articles a month. Let’s see if I can keep that goal!