Watch out Tribal Fusion Publishers

I have been using Tribal Fusion on ThinkComputers for a while now. I really like them and they offer great CPM’s for technology related sites. I really have never had a problem with them, I always get paid on time and there have not been any issues with customer support or anything like that.

Well the other day I sent my friend a link to a review I post posted on ThinkComputers. He usually reads over the review and fixes any mistakes that I might have made. After fixing the mistakes he said, “You making good money off those huge ads?”. I was like huge ads? He told me that full page ads or interstitial’s were coming up randomly when he clicked through my page. These are the huge ads that take up the whole screen and have the Skip Ad button on them.

At first I thought it might have been some code on my site that someone put there. I had that problem about a year ago. So my friend and I worked on finding what was pulling the ad. After about 30 minutes and taking down the ads on my site one by one we figured out that it was the Tribal Fusion ads were causing the full page ad. Now I never put a Tribal Fusion full page ad on my site. I have specific 160X600 and 728X90 ad placements for Tribal Fusion.

At the beginning of May I received the Tribal Fusion Impressions newsletter. Towards the bottom there was this…

Special note: In the past, we served Pop-unders with an accompanying 468×60 banner and only served them through 468×60, 728×90/468×60 and special 1×1 Pop-under tags. With the new tags, we will no longer use an accompanying banner, and Pop-unders will run through all ad tags. If you already block Pop-unders across your site, they will continue to be blocked. If you need control over which tags can launch Pop-unders, you can use tag-level ad blocking.

So basically what this means is that Tribal Fusion will run Pop-unders and full page ads if you don’t tell them not to, even if you ad placement is something like 468X60. Honestly I think Pop-unders and full page ads are very annoying and I really do see them as necessary on a site like mine, although they do have quite a high eCPM.

To block Pop-unders, full page ads, etc. login to your Tribal Fusion account and click on Manage Site. Then click on ROS under your sites name. Now click on the Tags tab, select you ad size and click on Enable Advanced Ad Blocking. That will bring up a bunch of different ad types that you can block from the Pop-unders and full page ads to adult and alcohol ads.

I hope this was helpful to people who may have had the problem that I was having and can easily fix it. Not waste almost an hour trying to like I did!


I am usually NEVER up really early in the morning. I usually get up around 9:30-10, but I’m on a horrible sleep schedule waking up at 2-3PM in the afternoon. This schedule really affects my work so I’m pulling an all nighter to get back on the good schedule. It’s not that hard to stay up a full 24 hours! Anyways the sun just came up and I went outside and took a few photos. Enjoy!

Ashley Shows you the Townhouse

A couple of weeks ago Ashley made this video for her myspace. Because I’m way to busy to make a video myself and I’m sure most of you would rather see her than me I posted her video to give you a tour of our new townhouse. Enjoy!

3 Guidelines for Starting a Website

Ok well starting a website or blog is not that easy, but if you follow some simple guidelines you can have a fairly decent website that people will want to come back to. After thinking about all of the steps in creating a website I have come up with three guidelines you should follow if you want your website to become popular.

Keep it Updated – If you just put some content on a website and don’t update for months most likely people will not come back. If I go to a site and I think it’s interesting I bookmark it and come back and check it out every few days. If I see that the site has not been updated in a couple of weeks I take it off my bookmarks and usually do not return. So updating is key, especially since you can send out news releases about your latest content and people can subscribe to your RSS feed to see when you have updated.

Make the site something you are interested in – It is a lot easier to write and keep a site updated if it is something you are interested in. All of my site’s topics are things that I like or I’m interested in. That is why it is not a hard thing for me to keep them updated. Just because a topic is popular does not mean it has to be what your website is going to be about. Make your site about things you like and you will enjoy working on it.

Get Your Own Domain – I RARELY go to websites that are hosted on free services like Tripod, AOL, and Geocities. It really does not cost that much to register a domain and get some hosting. You can get domains for around $6-$10 a year and a lot of hosting packages are only $5 a month! Anyone can afford that and a lot of these hosting companies have free website builders if you do not know that much about making websites. If the hosting is to much, make sure you get a domain. You can have the domain pointing to your free hosting until you get enough money to purchase hosting. Believe me having your own dot com is a nice thing!

Hopefully this list will help anyone who is starting a new website and help them make their site look official and maybe even make them some money! Good Luck!

A Busy Weekend

I really did not have a lot of time to post this weekend. Most of my time was taken up by reviewing and fixing people’s computers. Being able to fix computers is a good thing, because a lot of people have them and they always need fixed! Over the weekend a good family friend needed his daughter’s laptop fixed. He runs an auto body shop and told me that if I fixed the laptop he would give me a free car inspection. So right there I got something free for doing easy work. Sunday I spent most of the day at another family friend’s house. I was fixing his computer as well. My sweeper broke about a week ago so I haven’t been able to clean my townhouse. This family friend worked at a sweeper store so he fixed it for me. Overall I had a busy weekend, but it’s Monday and I’m already behind! I hope everyone’s Monday is going better than mine!