$3 For a Link on JohnChow.com

Well this was a great deal! A ReviewMe review on JohnChow.com is $400! A Text Link is $240! So how did I manage to get a link in his latest post? I bought him a beer! John just installed the Buy Me a Beer WordPress plugin. You can see it at the far bottom of the right column of his site. All it is, is a link to paypal. He suggests $3 for a beer and $7.50 for a pitcher. I decided to buy him a beer for $3. He made a post for the people that bought him a beer with links to everyone blogs / websites. This will give me some good traffic and it only cost me $3! The only other way to get a link back like that on JohnChow.com is to write a review, and that takes time. Paying $3 is much easier!

If you want to get the buy me a beer wordpress plugin you can get it here. I might install it on here, but no one would buy me a beer!

Increase RSS Subscribers with Facebook

When I first heard of this I was a bit wary, but I guess it seems to be working for me, although I’m not really sure. I know most of you have heard of Facebook. If you haven’t it is the less spam version of Myspace that allows you to connect with old classmates from college and high school. Facebook has a feature called Notes, which is much like a blog type system. You can post notes and all of your friends will see them in the recent notes section. This is cool and everything, but I have my own blog and I don’t want to write posts twice.

What’s cool about the note system is that you can import a RSS feed and every time you post on your blog the post will show up in its entirety in your notes on Facebook. So all of your Facebook friends can see what you are up to. To import your RSS feed into Facebook all you have to do is login to your Facebook account, click on Notes on the left, click on My Notes at the top, on the right side you will see something that says import settings, click on that and there you can import your RSS feed. It’s pretty simple and now you will see all of your post in your Facebook notes now. These notes will also appear on the mini feed in your profile.

So how does this increase your RSS subscriber account? Well every time someone reads one of your notes that are counted as a subscriber. Since implementing the system I have seen a 10-15 reader increase in my RSS. This is really easy to setup and even if it does not help you out a lot it still lets all of your friends from school know what you are up to.

Thanks to Michael for the tip!

Ashley’s New Puppy

Well Ashley has talked about getting a dog for a while. I just said ok thinking she would never get one. Yesterday she came home with a puppy! It is an 10 week old Yorkshire Terrier. Ashley named it Teddy. I can’t believe how small it is, it’s smaller than both of our cats. So now we have 2 cats and 1 dog. So far the cats have gotten along pretty well with the new puppy. We will see how things go.

A Keyboard for iPod Lovers!

Finally someone took a hint and put an iPod dock into a keyboard! The Razer Pro|Type is the first keyboard with an integrated iPod dock. Razer was nice enough to send me one to review on ThinkComputers. You can check my review out here. Besides the iPod dock Apple fans will love the all white look. Also gamers will enjoy the keyboard because it has 10 programmable hot keys and up to 10 different profiles so in reality you have 100 programmable hot keys! Enjoy the review.

The Pro|Type is actually based on the Tarantula keyboard, which is focused more towards gamers, so if you don’t need the iPod dock and don’t like the all white design of the Pro|Type the Tarantula is a great keyboard. The Pro|Type is very hard to find right now. It only started shipping on April 9th so I would it to be available more places by mid June. You can order it directly from Razer for $129.99. Make sure you check out my review!

Don’t Do It for the Money

This weekend on my Personal Day I was watching a lot of TV, and actually there was something interesting on. The Science Channel has their Geek Weekend, which focused on the history of personal computers etc. On the one show they talked to a lot of the people who revolutionized personal computers. The interesting thing about all of these people is that they were doing what they were interested in, not what was going to make them rich. Most of the successful people in the technology industry did not go out looking for fame and fortune. Yes money is good motivation, but if you doing something you don’t enjoy is it really worth the money?

Now I don’t make a ton of money, but I do make enough to live in a nice place and have some nice things. When I was growing up everyday my Dad would come home pissed off at work. I always would notice that and told myself that I would not end up like that. I wanted a job that I enjoyed doing. Because of this I went full steam with ThinkComputers and my other sites instead of finishing school and getting a normal job.

I started ThinkComputers as a hobby, something I enjoyed doing and was interested in. I never thought I would be doing it as my job. I also never imagined it making any money. It was always a hobby to me, I did it in my free time. Finally after realizing I could make money off it I wanted to see where it could take me, and now here I am. As long as I’m doing something I enjoy and it’s paying the bills its well worth it for me. Don’t try to go out and make all the money because you can only be motivated so much and it’s not so easy to go out and make a ton of money. If you are doing something you enjoy you will be much happier and more motivated to make it big.