The CES 2012 Swag Haul!

One of the best things about going to CES is getting swag, free stuff companies give out as they lure you to come check out their booth. I mean what better way for companies to get your attention then with free stuff! Also rumor has it that on the last day of the show if you stick around long enough many companies will just give away stuff so they don’t have to pack it up and take it back with them. Anyways here is what I was able to snag this year at CES.

Some of the more noteworthy things are a tablet, Thermaltake headset, Corsair solid state drive, and a Kingston Wi-Drive. My favorite thing would have to be the backpack from Rosewill (the black one on the right). It is actually a really nice backpack, much better than the one CES gives press. It is more or less a camera bag with a bunch of protective compartments in it. I used it on my way back from Vegas as my carry-on and I plan to use it in the future, so thanks Rosewill!

Stay tuned for a contest on ThinkComputers where I will be giving a lot of this stuff away!

What a Vegas Trip!

Well as I said I was heading to Vegas for CES and I have just got back. All I have to say is what a trip! This trip seemed different than all other trips to CES. I am really not sure what it was, but it was a good feeling for sure. This year was definitely more relaxed, less stressful and just a lot of fun! So why was this year so different from others?

First we stayed at a condo this year, not a hotel room. The place we stayed at was called The Jockey Club and it was right in the middle of the strip. Having a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo was much more comfortable than having everyone in a single hotel room. The condo also had a full kitchen, which definitely was a plus. Having the extra room of a condo made it possible for CyberPower to provide us with a desktop system to do video editing on. This not only saved us time, but make working much, much easier.

Second, the ThinkComputers coverage was all video this year. This meant we did not have to write as much. Coming home after a long day on the show floor, press events and industry parties the last thing you want to do is sit down for 2-3 hours and write articles. Having video meant that we really only needed to write intros for the articles. This definitely elevated a lot of stress. To give you an idea of the videos we shot check out my interview with Bill Owen of MNPCTECH!

Third, things were much more relaxed. It seemed in the past I really got stressed out over things at CES, but this year things were just chill, even down to our “dress code”. I decided this year that myself and staff could wear jeans and a simple dress shirt or something similar, most importantly everyone could wear sneakers instead of dress shoes. Besides just our dress code I scheduled most of my meetings so I was not running all over the place.

Finally I have gone to CES so many times I knew exactly what I needed to do and what I needed to get done. I don’t think there was one time during the week where I was super stressed or pissed off. Another great thing was my staff, not only are these guys great at what they do they are great friends and who better to spend a week in Vegas with! Stay tuned for many different posts about the trip. You can also check out all the coverage over on ThinkComputers!

Headed to Vegas for CES 2012!

As you are reading this I am most likely on a plane from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas (gotta love being able to schedule posts with WordPress). I am on my way to Vegas for this years Consumer Electronics Show or CES as we all call it. If I am counting this right this will be my 6th year at the show! I can’t believe 6 years ago I made the plunge and went to CES and Vegas for the first time ever. A lot has changed in those 6 years that is for sure! Luckily since I have been blogging since 2005 you can go back and see my blog posts about previous shows.

Obviously I am going to CES for ThinkComputers. We hope this year is going to be a huge year for us and we will be doing mostly video coverage. To give you an idea of what to expect check out the video below.

To follow all of the coverage on ThinkComputers you can bookmark this URL: or follow myself or ThinkComputers on the social networks below.


Bob Buskirk

See everyone in Vegas!

New Year, New Blog Design

Well as you can see I have a new layout here on my blog! The old layout was on the site for around 3 years, which is quite a long time. Over time it had got cluttered and just seemed boring and out dated to me. Also for a time I had thought about making money on the blog, but I never really got into that so some of the things on there were just pointless. After the 3 years of looking at the cluttered blog I knew I needed to change it. After doing some searching I found a great layout and that is what you see now.

The layout is called Beauty & Clean and it is actually a free layout! The whole point of my blog now is to keep friends and family updated on my life and to express thoughts that I cannot do on ThinkComputers. So I did not need a very complicated layout, just something simple and clean. So this layout was the perfect fit!

I really did not have to do that much editing to the theme either, just add what I wanted to the sidebar, and make a few custom menu’s and I was done. I really like the way everything came out. What do you think of the new blog layout?

Into 2012…

Wow can you believe it is already 2012!?! It seems like 2011 flew by! 2011 was an ok year for me, I know it had its ups and downs, but the good times definitely outweighed the bad times. This yeah has been a learning year for me, by that I mean I have learned from my mistakes and I’m doing things to not make those mistakes again. Case in point would be that over the past 3-4 months I have completely eliminated all of the drama from my life and cut out fake friends. By doing this I have been happier than ever! So what does 2012 have in store for me? Well let’s talk about things I want to do, I hate calling them resolutions.

Time Management – This is something that I have really been horrible at lately. I need to work smarter and stop wasting time on things that do not matter. I also need to stop being so lazy and just get things done!
Being more active – I always say I need to get in shape, but honestly I do. I am going to try to work out at least 3 times a week starting this week.
Blog More – Yeah yeah I know I haven’t really blogged that much at all but I really want to. Blogging is a great way to not only share experiences with friends and family but also save those memories.

Only 3 things? Well I think if I accomplish both of these goals I will be much happier and stress free. So what are my plans for 2012?

ThinkComputers – As always I will be doing ThinkComputers full time. This year I really want to make a big push a get the site to where it needs to be. Also with us doing video now I really want to gain a good following on YouTube.
COBCOB has been a great experience and learning process as it is the second company that I have started since ThinkComputers. I definitely want to gain more clients and really put more time into it as I do enjoy working with social media.
Other Endeavors – Well there is a possibility that I may be starting a 3rd company, but that is quite a ways away right now. I also am becoming more involved in the Pittsburgh startup scene and I will definitely continue that in 2012.

Thanks to my friends and family for always being there in 2011, here is to 2012!!