How To Get All Your Work Done In 2 Hours A Day

Most people think of work as an all day affair. That is what we are programmed to think and what most people do. They go to work in the morning, work all day and come home in the evening. The question you have to ask yourself is how much of that work day is actually spent doing real work? So many people I know complain at how boring their jobs are and how they sit on Facebook all day so I assume most people who work 8 hours a day or not “working” for that full 8 hours.

I happen to be lucky enough that I can pretty much set my own schedule and work when I want, but at the end of the day work needs to get done. For years my work day would last all day and sometimes it seemed like there was not enough hours in the day to get my work done! Working like this is one not productive and two can really stress you out! I know this because I have burnt out many times over the years.

Last month when I went to Hilton Head for a week I was able to get all my work done in 2 hours. How is this possible? I was just as surprised as you that I was able to do this! After coming back I examined how I did it and have come up with the pretty solid set of rules on how you can achieve the same thing no matter where you are or what your job is.

Make a to-do List
Planning should be a very important part of your work day. The night before each work day make your to-do list for the next day. This way you don’t have to waste the time making a list in the morning when you wake up or when you get to work. When making a to-do list it should include the most critical work items, it should not be longer than 10 items. It is it longer than that you are adding non-important tasks.

Complete the Most Critical and Hardest Thing on your to-do List
Take a look at the to-do list you have made. Identify the most critical item on that list. 9 times of 10 it is also the hardest thing to do on that list. Make sure that task is the first thing you complete on your to-do list. I have always been a procrastinator, but once I had that hard task out of the way all of the other tasks for the day seemed trivial compared to it. It is extremely important that you do this, because if you leave the last thing to the end of the day your quality of work towards that task is not going to be as good…believe me I know.

Eliminate Distractions
One of the biggest things that can kill your productivity are distractions. You know that hour long phone call that you knew you shouldn’t have answered, that YouTube video someone just sent your and of course Facebook. I could go on and on about how you can eliminate these distractions, but that is an entire post in itself. The biggest thing is close off those distractions. Do NOT have Facebook or Twitter open all day. Check e-mail twice a day and that is it! Put your phone in the other room, turn it on silent or turn it off completely. With all of these things you are not going to miss anything believe me, they are just distractions to your work. And once you are done with your work you can catch up on Facebook and Twitter and check your phone for missed calls or messages.

Have Something to Work Towards
When I was on vacation my biggest motivation to get my work done was that after I was done with work I could go hang out on the beach, explore the island or go on some other type of adventure. Obviously most of us do not have that luxury, but we can still look forward to many things once we are done with our work. You could see some of the fun things that there are to do in your area and actually go do them, set a night each week to go out with friends, or join a fitness class. There are many different options, but having something to look forward to after work definitely helps you get your work done as quick as possible.

This set of 4 rules should really help you cut down the hours you are actually working, maybe not to 2 hours, but I know that using this system I have been able to basically cut my work day in half and many days down to 2 hours! There are many other things you can do to really cut your work down like outsourcing, but that is for another post. Imagine what you could accomplish if you were able to cut the hours you are working in half! Try this system and I am sure you will have success!

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A Change is Needed….

Life Change

You know for quite a while now I have been doing the same thing day after day. Yes I do have the freedom to work from a coffee shop or Panera, I am my own boss, I can decide that I’m not doing anything on a given day, etc. I should be happy right? Don’t get me wrong this past year has been one of the best in a while, but I want more. I am often getting burnt out quicker and quicker and the escapes that helped remedy this before are not as effective. So what should I do?

I know that a change in my life is needed. Again I would like to reiterate that I am very happy, but it just feels like something is missing. I know that I want to experience new things, meet new people and see things many people will never see in their lifetime. This is not the easiest thing to do, but I do have a plan. I realized on my last trip that I was extremely motivated to get work done so I could go on some type of adventure. I realize this needs to happen more often. Running an online business means that I can be location independent. So I plan on traveling…a lot, but there are some things that I need to do to reach that goal.

Make More Money
This of course is the big one for many people. This has really been a turn-around year for ThinkComputers and I have added many new features to the site and we are adding new things to bring more people to the site each month. Although we have had some setbacks things are still going very well, I just need to stay on top of it. I also have 2 new idea’s for business that I hope to start in the coming months, hopefully before I go away for CES. These will provide another source of income, which will help me get to where I want to be financially.

Streamline ThinkComputers
For the most part I do 80% of the work for ThinkComputers. I am doing almost all of the reviews, I do all of the news posts, I maintain the forums, I do all of the marketing and PR. ThinkComputers is a full time job! If I wanted to travel right now it would be impossible for ThinkComputers to function. So I need to streamline ThinkComputers so I am managing it, not doing everything. This means finding more reviewers, news posters and much more. I am going to make a big effort and getting a full staff on board so I can have run the site effectively.

Stay Focused
I have set many goals that I have not accomplished, simply because I did not stay focused. I got off track and did not have a set goal in mind. I know that my lease on my apartment is up in August 2013. That means that by then I want to have the means to travel and not have my business suffer. This is the goal I am going to be working towards each day, week and month. I really need to step it up if I want to make this a reality.

As time goes on I will update the blog with how things are going and possible travel plans. This is the first time in a while that I am really working towards a solid goal and it feels good.

Turning my Desk into a Standing Desk!

As I’ve gotten older it seems I have been exercising and working out less and less. This is never good and teamed with sitting down most of the day as I work it is definitely not a good thing. It seemed I was getting more and more tired every day, and half-way through the day I would just crash. This of course would effect my productivity and quality of work so I decided to do some research.

After seeing this infographic, reading this article and a few others just like it I found that one of the problems could be that I sit most of the day. So I went looking for standing desks. To my surprise they were very expensive and not something that I really could see in my office. I first decided to prop my keyboard, mouse, and displays up and stand in front of them. This did work, but was not very comfortable and my desk looked like a mess!

I eventually took the props down and was back to sitting. I knew if I actually was able to raise my desk I could stick with it and actually have a real standing desk. I talked to my dad about it and he made me 3 wood blocks that I could set my desk up on.

So far I’ve had my desk like this for 2 weeks and I don’t feel like changing it anytime soon. Having this higher desk means that I am standing most of the time and when I am not I do have a stool, but I try and not use it when I don’t really have to. Having my desk up higher it seems I tend to keep it cleaner and I have more room under it for things. One thing I would suggest if you do want to move to a standing desk is that you get a floor mat for your feet, standing on a hardwood floor all day is not fun!

Pages Back and About Me Updated!

One thing I did not notice when I updated the blog to this theme back in January was that the pages sort of disappeared! They were actually set by default to a “Page” template that I never setup on the theme so when you would click them they would just reload the blog. I have fixed the problem so now my About Me and Contact pages actually work!

I only discovered this issue after I went to update my About Me page. I had not updated that page in years and it seemed that it needed a face lift since it was the same three sentences I quickly came up with a year ago. Now it really tells you a little bit about me and what this blog is all about. I have also included a “Hit List” of my favorite blog posts of all time. I still have the same picture on the page from my 2008 trip to San Francisco. I need to find a more updated picture, but that will take some time to find! Anyways, just a quick update! I hope everyone is enjoying their week!

A Week Vacation – Was it Worth It?

You know it is not often I go on vacations, something I want to change very, very soon, but when it comes to going on vacations many people make up excuses for reasons they cannot go. When my buddy Adam asked me to go to Hilton Head with him for a week some of those same excuses popped up in my head… “What about work?”, “Can I afford it?”, “I will get behind!”, etc etc. I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to go on vacation and that it was almost needed at this point so I told myself I am going on this vacation.

Burn Out
No matter if you work a 9-5 or you work for yourself on your own schedule you will in time burn out. Things will get frustrating, you will seem more stressed out and you really cannot concentrate. For me there has been times where for ThinkComputers I cannot sit down and review a product, it’s like I have a big brain fart. This happens when you are doing the same thing over and over again day after day. This is why I felt I needed this vacation.

But I still need to work?
For me, my business is not automated and I myself actually create most of the content for the site so it is hard to say I’m going on vacation for a week. You can still enjoy your vacation and work at the same time. I know this is possible, because I did it! You need to properly organize your days and maybe even work a little harder a couple weeks before you leave for vacation. For my week at the beach I had a Beach Routine that I followed each day, that way I was done with my work in the morning and had the rest of the day to really enjoy myself.

Let the Adventure Begin!
When you are on vacation make sure you treat it like one! As I just mentioned you need to make a routine that eliminates most of your work so you can really enjoy your vacation. While on vacation go out and adventure! Do not spend your vacation in your hotel room on the internet or watching tv. How is it going to feel like a vacation? On my week at the beach I always was doing something, whether at the beach, exploring the island on bikes or checking out local restaurants. Doing this gives you the “adventure” feel and should really make you feel excited about what you are doing.

Allow Yourself to Relax and Reflect
One of the biggest things I made sure I did while on vacation was take time to myself to relax and reflect. Many nights I would sit out on the balcony, watch the sunset and just think about things. You would be surprised at how relaxing that is. We normally do not get to do things like that when we are at home…it just does not happen. What’s crazy is that during the vacation no matter when I went to bed I was up by 9AM and I felt great! Not only that I was able to fall asleep no problem, something I was struggling with before I went on the trip.

Was it Worth it?
How much is happiness worth? The feeling of waking up and being excited about something is something we do not experience everyday, but to have it for a week was great. But if it’s only for a week whats the point? Well obviously being back in Pittsburgh is not the best feeling, especially after being at the beach but the vacation did so much for me. First it gave me so much more motivation, again before I went on vacation I was extremely burnt out, and now I feel like a new person! Also even since being back my sleeping / tiredness problem is not as prevalent. I am able to fall asleep pretty quickly and I feel pretty good throughout the day. Overall the trip reinvigorated my drive and really gave me the time to think about my business and myself. I am getting more done now and it feels great (Just look at how I am keeping up with this blog!). You can’t put a price on any of what I just mentioned so yeah…it was definitely worth it!