Dinner at the Salty Dog Cafe

One place Adam told us we had to check out while in Hilton Head was the Salty Dog Cafe. It is located in an area called South Beach in the Sea Pines Plantation. South Beach sits on the Braddock Cove inlet, which actually makes for some nice scenery. We headed to the Salty Dog for dinner and were seated outside on the deck / dock area, which actually only had 3 tables.

It was great to sit out there and breath in the fresh air look out at Braddock Cove. The deck actually sits right by the marina there so you get a nice view of the boats as well. The Satly Dog is known for their seafood and we were at the beach so I knew I was definitely getting seafood! The actually had a chef’s special for the night, which was a Southern Steam Pot ($24.99). The steam pot included crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, kielbasa, potatoes, and corn.

When they brought it out I couldn’t wait to dig in! Everything tasted amazing, I couldn’t believe I finished the entire meal because it was so much food.

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After dinner we walked around the South Beach marina where there were many different shops, restaurants and bars. It is definitely a very cool area and a great place to spend an evening. I had my camera with me and I was able to take some shots of the marina and surrounding area. They are below.

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Biking Around Palmetto Dunes

The area where we stayed in Hilton Head was called Palmetto Dunes. Actually most of the island is separated into these little communities. Inside of Palmetto Dunes are many different resorts, condos and homes. One thing that was really great about most parts of the island are the bike paths. They go all over the island and you can be on them for hours. A lot of the time it seems like you are on an adventure because the trails take you through the woods or over waterways.

I was able to get out 2 of the days I was in Hilton Head to go biking. As I said the paths and trails go all over so you can really explore. They also allow you to check out some of the awesome homes in the area, and there are quite a few. One thing that is interesting about Hilton Head is that you are allowed to ride your bike on the beach, so if you wanted a fast way to explore the beach a bike is definitely the way to do it.

Besides just being able to explore riding a bike for a few hours was great exercise and felt great. If you plan on going to Hilton Head plan on bringing a bike if you can. If not there are plenty of places you can rent one.

Beer Dinner at Giuseppi’s

A couple of days into the trip Adam and Tim came back with a flyer for Giuseppi’s Pizza which advertised a “Beer Dinner”. Just hearing the name Beer Dinner I was interested, but we came to find out it was a 4 course meal, where each dish would be paired with a beer. You can’t go wrong with that, especially for only $25.

We headed over to Giuseppi’s and they had two tables all setup for everyone who called in and made reservations for the dinner. Giuseppi’s is part of SERG Restaurant group, which owns quite a few restaurants on the island. I had originally thought we were going to be served Italian food as that is what Giuseppi’s serves, but they brought 2 chefs from other SERG restaurants to cook us a special Asian themed meal. Each dish was paired with a beer from Bear Republic Brewing Company.

The first course was a vegetable spring roll with sweet Thai chili sauce. It was actually a thank you from the chefs for coming to the event, so technically that makes the entire meal 5 courses. I really enjoyed the spring roll and pineapple in the spring roll gave it a nice sweet taste.

The second course was seared coconut tuna atop a bed of seaweed salad and sushi rice. It was served with a spicy sauce. It was paired with Racer 5 IPA.

The third course was a Thai crab cake served with a green mango salad. This had to be my favorite dish of the night. The taste was just amazing! It was paired with Red Rocket Ale.

The fourth course was ginger rubbed pork tenderloin with vegetable farro. Farro is actually a wheat grain which I’ve never had before. The way that it was prepared it tasted just like fried rice. The pork was paired with Hop Rod Rye.

The last course was a purple sticky rice pudding with fresh mango, papaya, banana, and pineapple. A great way to finish off the meal. It was paired with XP Pale Ale.

The beer dinner was simply awesome! Having 2 chefs cook you a meal that they made up themselves was a real treat and having beers that pair well with each dish was a plus. As each meal was presented it was explained and so was the beer that it was paired with, so you actually learned something as well. All of this for only $25, you couldn’t beat it! If you live around Hilton Head then you need to check out the next beer dinner at Giuseppi’s.

The Beach Routine

Being at the beach but still having a full work load can be quite stressful. You don’t want to be spending most of your day inside on your laptop working and missing out on the best part of the day. I knew coming on this vacation that I needed to change my daily routine and really compress my work schedule. The idea of a vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself and not worry about posting content on a website or getting a review done. So here is my “beach routine” and the things I have done to make it possible.

Knowing that I would be going away for quite some time I had most of my work for this week completed. I spent most of last week testing hardware and recording unboxing videos as I could not do those things while I am away on vacation. Also I made sure all of my reviewers were on task and knew what they had to do for the week.

The Routine
I’ve had pretty much the same routine each day while I have been on this trip. Susprisingly I would always wake up at 9AM, no matter when I went to bed. I think this was because I knew there was some type of adventure to get in to each day! So my routine went like this…wake up, and start work. The actual “work” consists of posting daily news on ThinkComputers, checking news e-mail, editing and publishing a review on the site or editing and encoding an unboxing video to be posted on the site. All of these tasks took no longer than 2 hours most days and I am able to schedule to posts on the site and social media posts to be published throughout the day so it looks like I am posting things every few hours when in reality I did it all before noon! Stay tuned for a detailed post on how I turned my work day from an all day affair into 2 hours!

After I was done with work I would eat breakfast, take a shower and head to the beach. Nothing is more relaxing than just sitting at the beach closing your eyes and listing to the waves crash. Besides just laying there Tim, Adam and I would go swimming, catch football or do some other type of activity.

I also decided to get my first audio book right before this trip. I already own the 4 Hour Work Week, but I wanted to get the audio book to see if I would like the audio format and I figured it would be easier to listen to it on the beach than read it. Let’s just say now I am hooked on audio books! Plus listening to the 4 Hour Work Week is a great way to get some motivation back and really look into what I am doing with my business.

After the beach we would come back to the condo and make some type of lunch. Since we are staying at a condo and have a full kitchen we were able to make lunch almost every day for very little cost. Once lunch was done we would do some other type of activity whether it was bike riding around the island, going down to the pool, or jumping in the car and exploring the island.

Finally night time would roll around and we would head out for dinner or make dinner. For the most part we would go out for dinner because we wanted to try many of the different restaurants on the island. A few of the days we would stay out late and go to the bars, which were a lot of fun. This island really has a different feel to it when it comes to nightlife. We would make our way home, and I would sometimes get on my laptop to get a jump start on work for the next day or write a blog post of the days activities.

Not that bad of a day at all right? Remember to follow me on twitter to see what all I am up to!

Late Dinner at Truffles Cafe

Our first night on the island we were totally beat. All of us drove down from Pittsburgh and had been up for quite a while. We all passed out for a few hours and when we got up it was around 9PM. Driving around the island the first place we came upon was Truffles Cafe. There are actually two Truffles Cafe’s on the island, we went to the one on Pope Ave. Once inside I noticed it had a very upscale and modern feel, which I really liked. There was an outside deck though, and we decided to eat out there. Outside dining is something you rarely find in Pittsburgh so we had to take advantage.

Looking over the menu there was actually quite a lot. They have everything from steaks and seafood to pasta and burgers. Looking over the menu and being pretty hungry I went with the Cheese Tortellini ($15.95), which was black truffle infused alfredo sauce, parmesan, shiitake and cremini mushroom. They serve it with chicken or shrimp, I opted for the chicken.

The dish was great. I do not get pasta that often when I go out, but I was really surprised at the vibrant taste. Adam went with the Pimento Burger and Tim got the Pulled Pork Sandwich. They both enjoyed their meals and had no complaints. Adam and I both got their hand crafted real fruit lemonades. I went with mango and Adam went with the mixed berry. They were amazing and incredibly refreshing. They had real fruit in them too

Overall Truffles Cafe was a great first meal here on the island. It has a really great atmosphere and reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend it.

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