Schenley Park Photo Walk – Late Summer

A couple of week ago I went to Schenley Park to do a photo walk. Photo walk’s are always fun because they are a great way to experience a place or event. Since I’ve moved, Schenley Park is a 5 minute walk so I’m always over there running and taking photos. I would consider it late summer since most of the trees have not turned yet. Hopefully I will be able to do another photo walk in the fall when the trees have all turned. Anyways check out all of the photos from my photo walk below!

  • Great shots, the photos of graffiti remind me of an old abandoned hydro plant we have in my hometown.

  • Nice enjoyed  a nice photo session there..

  • These are awesome pictures, the KIDS one is my favorite by far

  • I like the tones here but I especially like your description. I hold the same opinion and happiness is work but it is the most rewarding no matter what comes our way

  • I agreed madrid, your description about Schenley Park is truly awesome,
    After seeing your blog i m also thinking of visiting any hill station on this weekend.

  • yes some amazing pictures you have their, gosh you really are a good photograhper, my favourite one is the bench!