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6 Tips to Be More Effective & Feel Better

Running your own business is not an easy thing to do and it always feels like a constant grind. With this type of work style you can easily burn out, get stressed, and just not be happy at all. Here are six tips that I have integrated into my work routine that should help you be more effective and to feel better. These of course are not just for people who run their own business, they can be used in any type of situation really.

StartUptown Pittsburgh

The past few months I usually take one day a week to head over to StartUptown and work from there. StartUptown is a co-working space where many Pittsburgh technology-based startups have their offices. StartUptown says that they are “An urban campus/incubator for technology and social innovation — StartUptown is a nonprofit organization that provides collaborative…

How to Work Less and Get Out More!

Let’s face it working from home isn’t the easiest thing. Some people may think it is, but remember you are your own boss, you are the person that has to push yourself to work etc. It seems every few months or so I get in some sort of funk where I am working myself to death, I am stressed all the time and I am not very happy. I guess most people would call this burning out. It’s not really a good feeling and it is a hard thing to come back from. I’ve always have done things to help myself from not burning out, say take a day and work from a coffee shop or something similar. This works in the short term, but it is not a solution. Recently I have been reading The 4-Hour Workweek and I really dawned upon me I need to get out more, not just for work, but for fun.

4 Time Management Tips

When you are working, especially when you are working for yourself and at home time management is very important! Bad time management can really make productivity go down. Many times when my time management isn’t that good it seems like I never get anything done. This can be very frustrating going day after day feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing! This usually isn’t the case because I have implemented a few simple things that really help me with time management. So what are they?