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The 2 Bedroom Hospitality Suite at Vdara

My recent trip to Las Vegas was mostly for business with ThinkComputers as the Consumer Electronics show was the week that I went. After booking flights I found that if I left Monday instead of Sunday I would save around $125 so staying another night in Vegas was a no-brainer. After talking to my buddy Jack about staying an extra day he said we should get an awesome suite for the last night. It sounded like a good idea and we decided on a 2 bedroom hospitality suite at Vdara.

Unlike most of the hotels in Las Vegas Vdara is strictly a hotel, no casino at all. This is sort of nice because after a week in Vegas listening to the slot machines just gets annoying. Besides not having a casino in it the entire hotel is smoke free and eco-friendly, it has received a “5 Green Keys” rating, the highest possible from the Green Key Eco-Rating, and has been awarded awarded Platinum by TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders program. Vdara and ARIA are the only properties in Las Vegas to receive a Platinum rating.

Anyways back to the room, here is a short video we shot, MTV cribs style!

Some of the things I did miss in the video were a powder room or half bath and there is a closet that has a full size washer and dryer in it! Also on top of what you saw in the video the suite has some other cool features like you get complimentary roundtrip limousine transportation to and from the airport, access to a dedicated concierge line, and 4 one-time use spa facility passes.

vdara1 vdara2 vdara3 vdara4 vdara5 vdara6

Also for those who are concerned about getting work done the Internet is free. While the WiFi is alright if you plug into the hardline in the room the speeds are awesome! We were getting around 100 Mbps down and about 30 Mbps up!

So if you are looking for a great suite to relax in, get work done or party it up the 2 Bedroom Hospitality Suite at Vdara is a great place to do it! For those wondering this suite is normally $575 a night.

  • rough guess what a two bedroom costs? i have a trip out to vegas in a few months & this might be worth it…

  • never mind. i checked the website you were kind enough to link to!
    great price for a two bedroom hospitality suite. just wondering if folks would be up for leaving the casinos to travel to a place like this. hmmmmmmmm. something to think about. thanks!

  • Yeah I updated the post with the typical price. It just a 2 minute walk to Aria, which of course has a Casino.

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  • Stephanie Acheampong

    Hi Bob! Your video was extremely helpful, as I am planning on booking this suite. I do have sort of a weird question or a potential dilemma I’m hoping you can help me with. I noticed the room you stayed in appears to be a bit different from the virtual tour of the two bedroom hospitality suite on their website. I’m definitely wanting to stay in one that looks more like the one you stayed in. So i was wondering if there were any special requests that you put in or made at check in that ensured you got the room that you got? Or if you have any tips you have to help me secure getting a room that more closely resembles yours.
    Thank you in advance!

  • Stephanie this was the room that they put us in when we reserved the Hospitality Suite. I can tell you that the suite we stay in was on the 45th floor, so maybe request that floor? Hope that helps!

  • Stephanie Acheampong

    Will definitely try that! Thank you!