Things I Hate About Pittsburgh

[ad#right]Well if you didn’t know I’ve been living in Pittsburgh all my life. I’ve live in the suburbs most of my life but I moved closer into the city about a year ago. You really learn a lot about a city when you live in it. I’ve learned even more since living closer to the city and going out more. I originally got the idea for this post from Michael Kwan who did 2 posts about the things he likes and dislikes about Vancouver. So I figured I know a lot about Pittsburgh I should let you know the things I like and dislike about Pittsburgh. This post is the things I hate about Pittsburgh, last month I posted the things I love about Pittsburgh.

The Weather
Sometimes when I’m sitting here working and I look out the window and see rain or snow I think to myself, “Why am I living here?”. The weather can be pretty brutal here, especially in the winter. This year we got one of the worst winter storms in recent memory, because of that I was snowed in! Even if its not raining or snowing there are so many days when the sun just does not come out, it’s pretty depressing.

The Roads
I don’t know if there is not enough funding for road improvement or what but the roads are horrible around here. I’ve had people who do not live in PA say they know when they enter the state because of how bad the roads are, that’s pretty bad! Roads get even worse after snow storms, the salt that they put down destroys the roads. After the big storm this year there were pot holes that took up entire lanes of traffic! And most of these potholes were not even covered for weeks, some are still there! It seems if there is ever an issue with a road it takes forever for them to fit it as well.

I know I might get some flack for this, but it really drives me crazy because when I say I’m from Pittsburgh some people think I’m a hick. Pittsburghese is an accent or dialect that many people around here speak. Instead of staying “downtown” they say “dahntahn” instead of “You Guys” its “Yinz”. I honestly cannot stand anyone that talks like that, it just makes you sound stupid! There is even a Pittsburghese translator!

Small City
Now in my things I love article I did say I liked Pittsburgh because it was a small city, but I also don’t like it because it is one too. First it seems that if you go out whether it be the southside, station square, the strip etc on a friday or saturday night you are bound to run into someone you know. And if you meet someone it is likely they know someone you do, things like this are annoying to me. Also since this is a small city there are very few new companies that decide to put up a store in Pittsburgh. There are so many retail shops and restaurants that I would love to see in Pittsburgh, but they just are not here!

  • Yea, the roads could definitely use some improvement from what I heard. Never heard Pittsburghese though, so it’s something I look forward to when I go there! 🙂

    Till then,


  • Weather problem is seems really brutal in Pittsburgh. I was in Moscow in Russia for around 20 months last year in winter season and I felt really depressing.

  • Imagine that: two Ravens fans, daring to go public with their fan affiliation, smack in the middle of the Steel City. You’d think that would be a criminal offense, perhaps a Class B misdemeanor, the way these two AFC North teams despise each other.
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  • Yeah, I live in PA as well, the roads truly are bad, and that is ALL over PA from my experience. It gets so bad sometimes that I’ve seen, on Highway 80, a good portion of it being shutdown so they can do their maintenance work 🙁
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  • From your pics, it looks pretty fun… minus that horrible snow, there is NO way I could put up with all that snow!
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  • I was in Pittsburgh for around last year in winter season and I felt really depressing.

  • I had a good laugh about your post. 🙂 As I live in the total south: Florida!! Yes, I know people think that it is a great state with all the nice things here. But this is not always the truth. We do not have real restaurants, architecture or good business hours down here. Yeah, the weather is kind of nice. Most likely blue sky but completly humid. But anyways it has some good things here as well.:)
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  • looking at the picture pittsburgh looks great, seems like its very exciting and has lots of things to do, wouldnt mind checking it out sometime, quick question, what part of america is it in?

  • I was living in Pittsburgh before for almost 4 years and I really agree on you regarding with the weather and roads in Pittsburgh..!Roads in Pittsburgh really needs an improvement,.!I just wish the the government in Pittsburgh will make actions regarding with the roads there..

  • Yeah I love the roads and bridges. But I cant tolerate the weather of Pittsburgh.

  • I have visited Pittsburgh a couple of times. It is not a bad city IMO. It may need some work, but I was quite satisfied with my trip.

  • I think the weather is bad really, no matter what state you live in, when it comes to the North East.

  • I thing weather problem is the major problem in Pittsburgh..

  • One of my cousins lived in Pittsburgh for 10 years and whenever I used to talk to him he would always remind me blood freezing temperature there. But it’s a beautiful city.

  • Pittsburgh is a very beautiful and a historic city but the weather can be a little harsh sometimes.

  • pretty true you need to ge into it to understand better. Since you now live close to city will help understanding city culture better.

  • Well…There are the Steelers that will hopefully win another Super Bowl this year. Might be tough with Ben sitting out the first four games.

  • Well…We do have a great football team. Hopefully, Ben will use his 4-game rest wisely this year and settle down and bring home another Super Bowl!

  • The weather is a big downer in Pittsburgh. I do like the people and the city though! it kinda reminds me of Richmond a bit, but way more factory’s.

  • I’ve been to Pittsburgh on business and for me its pretty much the weather and I think that goes some way to some of the problems on the roads too.

  • I never been in Pittsburgh but I’ll keep this in mind if have to visit

  • Well I’m born and (so far) raised in Pittsburgh and I fucking hate this city. The ecomony around here sucks. (I haven’t found a job yet and the lame ass government took my tax return check. The single life really sucks. (I’ve been on temporary dates and relationships but I haven’t really found my Ms. Right in 16 years). And the music scene isn’t going anywhere (I’m a musician and I’m seeing if I can put together a rock band. But so far,no one is interested). Yeah I know Wiz Khalifa is big right now but I’m talking about the rock music scene in Pittsburgh. I wanna get the fuck out of here and move to New York.

  • I have never been to Pittsburgh, but from what I have seen on the internet, especially on the Google maps street view, I liked the city.

  • JojII

    After spending all of my 34 years of life as a southwestern PA resident, I’m finally putting this place in my rear view mirror in about 8 months. I’m leaving behind a well-established contracting business with which I’ve made a comfortable and steady living for 14 years, and starting it all over again on the west coast. It’s all about quality of life for me. I just can’t do the lack of sunshine, stupid people, and vile weather for the remainder of my life. All of my friends have scattered about the country, and I don’t have the typical yinzer family to guilt trip me into staying to wipe their asses into their golden years like so many other poor souls.

    Anyone who is native to this area and aware of it’s pitfalls (no pun intended) inevitably reaches a point in their life where they either leave, or succumb to the region’s trappings indefinitely. I’ve reached that point, and I’ll be god damned if I’m going to live the rest of my life going through the motions under the thick gray clouds that seem to block the essence of life itself from entering this walking-dead zombie city. Nope. Instead, Santa Cruz is gonna have one more “Steelers Country” banner in a front yard very soon….if for nothing more than nostalgia and a reminder of what I escaped.

  • Sweetcocomango

    I moved to Pittsburgh from Northern New Jersey (suburb outside of Newark) in 2001 it was a culture shock for me.  This was the first time in my life that I have ever seen a trailer park, people riding around with the confederate flag displayed on their cars.  What really shocked me was seeing a skin head all dressed up in hate gear. WTF!  Growing up outside of New York City I found Pittsburgh to be very slow, poverty stricken and racist I don’t know why I stayed as long as I did (5 years) but I left in 2006 for the DC metro area which I love. :~)

  • Thomas

    This is a unique city where you’ll find otherwise “socially progressive feminists” defending a pig of a quarterback because football > behaving like a human being. A Pittsburgher will even try to distort the population loss statistics, or claim that “Yeah we lost x number of people this decade, but it’s gonna turn around real soon.” Living in delusion, not football, is actually the preferred regional sport, but you have to get here to find that out. 

  • Ladyofshallot666

    It’s true that the weather in Pittsburgh sucks, but I’ve lived in places with worse weather. I grew up here and returned, and I feel like there is no other city quite like Pittsburgh. But, then again, it may be some some odd nostalgia talking. I sometimes even talk with fondness about the perpetual road constructions during the summer months.

  • hockeygirl

    I have lived in Pittsburgh all my life (in my 40’s now) and finally have had it! We are planning on moving in the next few years.  Combination of horrible weather-snow and cold in winter, hot,  humid summers.  Spring is non-existent-we go from freezing to 85 overnight it seems.  Fall is a bit of a progression but snow at  Halloween is possibility.  If you like extreme weather the ‘Burgh is for you.

    On the positive though,people are super nice, very helpful in general.  They do live in the past though, and change does not occur easily or frequently.  They say they are conservative thinkers and yet vote democratic, just because their parents and grandparents were democrats.

    Roads are in horrible shape and the saying “you can’t get there from here” is applicable.  
    Love the Steelers and Pens but not enough to keep me here.

  • Lxilily2

    The people are just so incredibly dumb and miserable. I have lived here for 20 years and absolutely cannot stand this filthy, overcrowded city. If you aren’t completely obsessed with football and being a blue-collar yinzer who goes to Jack’s every night and dinner at Primanti Bros, you will be miserable here. People are SO racist here, too.

  • Dr.F.D.Maloney

    I have lived all over the World and this area is almost SUNLESS!
    It is the cloudiest area,hands down.
    I always had a reason too stay,but not now.
    If one has a huge closeknit family then stay.
    I wiill not spend another Winter here or summer.

  • Dr.F.D.Maloney

    What?You must have been in Mississippi?Pittsburgh,confederate flag?No.

  • Dr.F.D.Maloney

    Racist? You  must be high.

  • Rudy Clayborne

    I hate living in Pittsburgh, Why? because there is nothing for Black Minority to do. They have No Jazz’s Club’s, No Roller skating Activity, Little are no activity for our Black Youth in Pittsburgh, Why because the Mayor L.R. is taken the Tax Payers money and building Sex Slave Hotel’s downtown, with little or no Black Minority working in the Hotel’s. Mayor L. R. do Black Minority in the city of Pittsburgh mean any thing to you for you next Election. You need to think about this. Let me leave you with this Pittsburghees you need to change and stop living in the 60’s.

  • Mrwick1

    I moved to New Orleans and let me tell you that sunshine is not all its cracked up to be. How about blinding, oppressive heat that goes into the 90s in May until Nov. The humidity makes it miserable. Yea the winter is nice down there, but when it is nice all the plants and grass are dormant and brown. The sun will make the paint dissapear off your car and ruin anything else you leave out there. The humidity will wear down a fence in no time. The BUGS are insane. Forget about going outside to sit on your porch. They got insects down there that can seriously put you in the hospital. Its easier to get a job in the south, but they pay nothing compared to the cost of living.

    I moved back to Pittsburgh and I love it. You want some really retarded people phonetically speaking then I suggest you move down there. Pittsburgh  people are generally nice unlike in other parts of the country where being nice is a way to suck you into buying something. Southern hospitality is BS.

    Go ahead… move away there are nice parts to the country. One of the nicest is the Pacific Northwest. Just beautiful.
    If you want overcrowded and transient communities move to the Southwest. Overly expensive and really dangerous, not like in Pittsburgh where people are scared of nieghborhoods like Homewood that are really like petting zoos compared to the Bario in Los Angeles.

    Yeas go ahead and move to NEW YORK CITY! Over crowded, too expensive. Why are people so in love with it. I have been there its like living in downtown Pittsburgh for 20 miles. Concrete is all you get. People are loud and obnoxious.


    If you want to get stoned to death like in the “Lottery” story move into the American heartland. Just Kidding. There is a timeless appeal to the heartland and farming people.

    I am not saying Pittsburgh doesn’t have its issues (public transportation is dying here), but its a nice, family place to live. Everything you need is right around the corner. Its safe as you can find.

    The grass is not always greener on the other side.

  • Cloudweller

    Pittsburgh is not racist.Unless you are talking about the Caucasian Americans defending themselves  against a small percentage of Black American youth gangs robbing,beating,raping,killing and bullying Whites.
     You do not know truisms because the White Liberal News and other media will not show it.
     Finally,Pittsburgh Whites and Blacks peacefully coexist  because we have few transients.Most of us have been here for generations.
     This is not Los Angeles or Detroit.

  • Vince

    Good for year I live in pittsburgh for almost 20 years and i am fucking done with this piece of shit town. Best of luck and wishes to a great future!!!

  • Tristan

    I hate how people drive slow in the right lane, and wont turn down their high beans. I hate the way they dress and talk. I hate tim benz and his smart ass opinions. I hate that the roads are only two lanes and potholes that bust your tires. I hate everything about that shithole and 95% of the stupid in breeds that live there.

  • cloudy n’at

    what’s funny about it, is the lengths people will go to to deny the racism. it’s not a secret.

  • cloudy

    a visit (get in get out) is the best way to experience p-burgh. skim the surface, stay on the tourist tract, you’ll have nice memories of a quaint mid-westernish town, with a bit of colonial and industrial history, and a nice baseball stadium – then quit while you’re ahead.

  • cloudy n’at

    good for you. (envy rising).

  • TheUI

    So. Much. Butthurt.

  • robert dunmeyer

    Pittsburgh has become an empty black ghetto. Still has nice homes but they have no value other than to Afro blacks who have spread out all over the Pittsburgh region. The roads are tattered and not repaired. All the money must go to pay pensions to people who have left. Its best days are long over but since about 2004 it has really gone downhill. The working white ethnics who made Pittsburgh great have all died and their progeny have moved elsewhere. It only exists because of its hospitals and colleges.

    You can buy a cheap home in Pittsburgh but then live a dead end life that is about it. There is no authentic recreation in Pittsburgh and the nasty, disturbed, jacked up people who rabidly defend Pittsburgh are the last kind of people you want to have contact with.

    Still has lots of nice home but Pittsburgh is far too black. I would flood the place with Mexicans and Asians to bring Pittsburgh back to life and stop the ghetto plague from killing Pittsburgh.

  • Cloud Dweller

    Perfectly stated,my friend.

  • Cloud Dweller

    You can always gang up on defenseless old White ladies and beat them or start a riot.
    But for God’s sake do not invent anything or go into business.You could split the atom or cure cancer?

  • Cloud Dweller

    This is the Mid-West pal.

  • Carrie

    PIttsburghers like Pittsburgh when they have a car. PIttsburgh is a police state. Pittsburgh doesn’t have enough public transportation and public bathrooms, PIttsburghers don’t see enough of the world to know that their city, although very nice in some respects, can be a backward town even compared with obscure cities around the world

  • J_Robit

    I don’t buy this at all. First, Pittsburgh is 26% (or close to that) Black.
    Dead end life? It’s what you make of it! We have a sizable community of people over 40 who are: hiking, kayaking, involved in the arts, music, and comedy…I am amazed at your perspective, Robert. Do you live in the suburbs?

  • J_Robit

    You want people to stop living in the 60s, but to you, it has to be about being black, not about being a city resident (that co-exists). Why can’t the “black minority” enjoy Kennywood, a game at Heinz Field, bicycling on the now extensive trails…..? I realize the comment is 3 years old, but even in 2012, it would have been just ridiculous.

  • J_Robit

    Mar-mar, your comment is years old – but if you are forwarded a notice that someone had responded to it, please tell me if you had left, and how things are going with your musical aspirations? I agree that this town sucks for rock music – it has gotten much better lately, though.

  • bonafidebee

    Amen JojII! Instead of splainin myelf to Yinzers n’at, I’m just going to copy/paste your paragraphs! I can’t wait to GTF out. I needs me a wheatgrass shot — something else that’s absent in this God forsaken land between hills.

  • rikkirat

    I was born, raised and spent many years in Southwestern, PA. I left for DC suburbs about 25 years ago. Why I didn’t do this sooner I could kick myself. The area was really a great place to grow up when the greatest generation was in charge of things and the steel mills were running. I’ve noticed over the years as my parents passed away that the area has gone way downhill and the people aren’t the same gregarious friendly people of times past. Haven’t been back to the area in four years. No plans to return. You can keep Pittsburgh and SW PA.

  • rikkirat

    Gangsta Rednecks abound in Pittsburgh area.

  • C. Yinzlater

    Did 20years in PGH. The weather was the worst thing for me.. Partly Cloudy/Chance of Rain (look outside right now ‘burghers). See, told ya. It was fun but 20yrs was more than enough. I now live at the beach and life is new again. .. see yinz guys later.

  • Al Best

    What a bunch of pussies yinz are….go hug a tree.

  • Al Best

    You admit you are from New Jersey? What a jagoff you were before you even got here!

  • Al Best

    Like shithole Cleveland, ass sucker San Francisco, cess pool Paris, ass backwards London, Wah wah Philly, …thanks I like it fine here.

  • Al Best

    that’s fine with me while I drive over your pussy BMW that needs sunshine and smooth roads to drive on.

  • Robert Dunmeyer

    it has become a nigger city full of niggers and half niggers and full of flaky shallow sissy bitches like the kind who wrote this article who want to turn pittsburgh into seattle but can’t because they are genetically uncool and no amount of coffee shops or book stores will change that. the only people moving to pittsburgh are niggers and half niggers from philadelphia and detroit. the way nyc sent its niggers to ruin upstate ny is how PA is sending its niggers from philidelphia to ruin pittsburgh.

  • Robert Dunmeyer

    pittsburgh is over and finished. there is nothing there other than the beautiful homes whites built. the good whites are gone it is full of niggers in pittsburgh and a few remaining smart ass sissies who would get killed living somewhere else for being such assholes.

  • Robert Dunmeyer

    Also, no one is moving to Pittsburgh other than niggers shipped from Philidelphia to help relieve their nigger infestation and also the lowest, most asshole-ish, sissy bitches from places like Kentucky who are taking government jobs. The good white ethnic people and their culture is gone. Even the people are ugly unlike years ago when the white progeny of the white ethnics were so attractive. There is nothing left in Pittsburgh other than niggers and bottom crawlers who could not fit in anywhere else and smart ass, sissy bitches taking government jobs on a quest for power they could never obtain in their stagnated home towns.

  • Robert Dunmeyer

    A lot of bad things about Pittsburgh but seeing niggers infest it is the worst thing. .Seeing niggers infest it for me is the absolute last straw that makes Pittsburgh a lost cause. If you could see the faces of the most rabid people defending it you would see ugly niggers or greasy defectives who would not have social value anywhere else. That is all that is left in Pittsburgh. I feel sorry for the low income whites who could not afford to leave and all the nice white homes built in places the black cancer infested.

  • paulRN

    I agrre with everything you said. I too am leaving this doom&gloom capital behind. The difference being i am leaving trash like the pissburgh steelers where it belongs. I cant drag the rape,dog killing,wife beating,drug dealing/using,criminal franchise with me. Shit belongs in the toilet.

  • paulRN

    Are you directing the comment at pits itself? Because it does have a serious drug and alcohol problem. For a city its size it can go toe to toe with any large city when it comes to consumption of anything bad. It seems too many people can deal with pittsburgh while straight and sober.

  • paulRN

    I have never witnessed more casual use of the “N” word anywhere else in this country like i have in pittsburgh. The average burgher thinks that words definition means black person. Funny when a black person approaches those same people act as though they love black folks. At least hate groups stick to what they believe in. It shows me that even hate groups have more substance than a pittsburgher.

  • paulRN

    WARNING! YOU WT TO AVOID PITTSBURGH AT ALL COST!!! I had the misfortune of being born here and escaped a few times but had to come back(family,etc.) several times. Its worse each time i come back than before i left.

  • paulRN

    WARNING!!! AVOID PITTSBURGH AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.IT JUST MIGHT. The pits is a hard cold place that destroys lives. Infested with addicts, cheats thieves, racists,bad/corrupt leaders, sports teams laden with criminals. DRIVE THROUGH,LOCK DOORS,DO NOT STOP FOR ANYTHING.

  • paulRN

    Love the comment!! You are the prosecutions star witness. You are the best example of the pissburgh thought process. You ARE the norm in pissburgh. Thank you for showing the people what we’re talking about here. Stay classy pits burgh.

  • paulRN

    Love the Pens but i cant condone Rape,or animal abuse,or drug dealing,drug using,domestic abuse,etc.,etc.,etc.,that the stillers have come to represent.

  • paulRN

    Wiz khalifa is another example. He wasnt even born here. No city wanted their name with his…then low and behold,Trash capital of america jangs their hat on a dope smokin,girl beating,no class thug who stands for all that is wrong and the city of pissburgh gives him an award and says,”you can be our son”. What….paul spadafora not representing well enough? ben hasnt raped anybody lately,mike vick move away? Those trolls exemplify pittsburgh.

  • V Marie

    We moved to Pittsburgh almost six years ago. While there are things I enjoy about Pittsburgh, I have to say, hands down, that Pittsburghers are the most miserable people I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I have lived all over the country, including New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Charlotte, and I have never met so many people that have absolutely no reservations about being backstabbers and liars. It’s as if it is their given right to destroy you for no reason other than their own amusement and gratification. Seriously….what is wrong with you people? While you may run into people whom you can have a nice, brief exchange with – i.e. a cashier, once you have to deal with anyone for more than ten minutes it’s as if they make it their personal goal to get over on you. It’s disgraceful. I now exist constantly looking over my shoulder, wondering who is going to try and screw me next. It’s no way to live. If you have a choice, choose a different place.

  • Curter

    growing up in LA, spending few years in NYC and MA (for my studies and work), pitti is an absolute nightmare for me; I mistook this area with typical east coast and was happy about my new job in this area but the day I landed over here, my dreams got shattered like the thin glass under the sherman tank -_- And it’s really fun to see how pitties defending themselves claiming not racist! I understand that growing up in such racy environment, it’s hard to distinguish. Ignorant, broke, dumbfuqed yet full of baseless pride.

  • Curter

    funny cuz no matter where i look, where i roll, i see white pigs like you snorting around me and my car like a blind trying to sense something unknown… speaking of genetically uncool, i still don’t see any notable contributions by the nazis other than genocides (well if you think that’s kinda cool then it’s a different story)

  • Curter

    speaking of police state, haven’t seen one rolling around the blocks for past 2 months; pittis got cars but I believe even the DMV doesn’t know when it was purchased first! New car owners are utmost confused on the roads and crap their pants beyond 50 (except some wannabes who think they’re cool while changing lanes in between cars 10 feet apart w/o signal) so they don’t need public bathrooms either… that haunted kennywood park is their disneyland (which costs more than the actual disneyland) and i wonder whether the silent hill was shot over here or not…

  • Curter

    any season in pittsburgh is depressing…

  • Robert Dunmeyer

    The whites ethnics who built pittsburgh are nazis to you. you choose to live with whites and avoid niggers that is why you see nothing but these white jewish pigs where you live. another really bad thing about pittsburgh are its jew pigs who act like rabid pigs something they keep in check in a city that has a lot of dark immigrants and muslims who jews fear..

  • Robert Dunmeyer

    Another nigger come to The Burg for a government job. They are even worse than whites from Kentucky moving to Pittsburgh thinking it is a mini seattle.

  • Robert Dunmeyer

    Niggers leaving Pittsburgh is a great thing. The only good thing to witness living in Pittsburgh.