Turning my Desk into a Standing Desk!

As I’ve gotten older it seems I have been exercising and working out less and less. This is never good and teamed with sitting down most of the day as I work it is definitely not a good thing. It seemed I was getting more and more tired every day, and half-way through the day I would just crash. This of course would effect my productivity and quality of work so I decided to do some research.

After seeing this infographic, reading this article and a few others just like it I found that one of the problems could be that I sit most of the day. So I went looking for standing desks. To my surprise they were very expensive and not something that I really could see in my office. I first decided to prop my keyboard, mouse, and displays up and stand in front of them. This did work, but was not very comfortable and my desk looked like a mess!

I eventually took the props down and was back to sitting. I knew if I actually was able to raise my desk I could stick with it and actually have a real standing desk. I talked to my dad about it and he made me 3 wood blocks that I could set my desk up on.

So far I’ve had my desk like this for 2 weeks and I don’t feel like changing it anytime soon. Having this higher desk means that I am standing most of the time and when I am not I do have a stool, but I try and not use it when I don’t really have to. Having my desk up higher it seems I tend to keep it cleaner and I have more room under it for things. One thing I would suggest if you do want to move to a standing desk is that you get a floor mat for your feet, standing on a hardwood floor all day is not fun!

  • Nice idea! Instead of buying a higher up one, you used a cheap resource! Well done!

  • Yeah I did not want to spend the money on a new desk before I knew if I actually liked or wanted to stand all day. So the blocks were a nice alternative

  • ThomasDM

    Interesting idea but I can’t imagine working all day behind a standing desk, it looks so uncomfortable. I find it pretty hard to stand still and would probably be distracted even quicker than usual 😛

  • Thomas, good to hear from you man! I thought it was going to be uncomfortable at first and the first few days sucked…bad, but now I am used to it. I actually makes me get my work done a lot faster because I am standing. I would try it out at first, by propping your keyboard / mouse and display up and see how that works for you.

  • I love standing desks! I’m actually working on a post about how to get a comfortable working posture when you’re working in different places every day, and finding a box to raise up your laptop seems like pretty much the simplest way of doing it.

    Your next step should be trying out a treadmill desk 🙂

  • Not sure if I could do a treadmill desk!